Why is it always about Race?

I came into work this morning actually in a decent mood...since it's Tuesday and not Monday and that means I'm one day closer to the next weekend. But, my peace came to a screeching halt as I sat at my desk and unwillingly overheard the conversation from a few cubes away. "President Bush hates black people, that's why all them people suffered so much down there." Wait...did you just say our president hates black people. Wow, how insightful of you. Please! Why must everything in this damn world be reduced to a fight between the races? Those people suffered down there because a hurricane (act of God...and God isn't racist) hit the Gulf Coast. The people suffered longer than needed because our government (made up of all races) failed to have an action plan in place. Here's an interesting note, New Orleans mayor is black, 2/3 of the city council of New Orleans is black. If you want to place blame, how about blaming them? They failed to protect the people of their city. Isn't it the job of the mayor to make sure emergency action plans are viable for all races, for the rich, the poor, the homeless? If anyone failed those people, it was their mayor.

Honestly I just don't know why we're having this fight anyway. Do we really need to add anything else to the table to divide us as a nation? How about we focus our attention on those thousands of people that have lost everything they own...you know the ones I'm talking about, the Whites, the Blacks, the Hispanics, the Asians. When we watch the news we see people looting, people in pain, people dying. I read a comment on a blog that asked why is it that all these people we see are African Americans? It's not because it's the government has targeted this particular race of people, it's because 67.3 percent of New Orleans is African American. Who would you expect to see looting those stores...ethnic Hawaiians?

All I know is that when our nation, a nation made up of all classes, all races of people, opened their pocketbooks and their hearts, they opened them for every person regardless of the color of their skin. When I read these 'race' comments it makes me feel like we're still back in the age of segregation. I thought we'd made leaps and bounds since then. Sometimes I think there are still people in this world that want to create boundaries between people, not because there actually are any, but because without the 'illusion' of boundaries....they'd have nothing to bitch about.


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