Scoot over...you smell

Have you ever had to ride the train next to a person that smells? If not, you are lucky. On my morning commute I had the pleasure of standing next to someone that smelled of urine and cheap cologne. It's bad enough that I have to stand the whole way in on the train, but now my somewhat peaceful trip has turned into me holding my breath for most of the ride. Do you know how hard it is to hold your breath for 25 minutes? It's not easy. I'm one of those riders that knows how to obey the rules of Public Transportation....you know the ones I'm speaking of. Hold your head down, don't make eye contact, don't let any body part brush up against the body part of someone else, don't move over when someone is trying to get past you, and don't bring some rannk body smell with you on the train. Obviously this guy didn't get the memo.

I really wanted to shove him over so he wasn't standing so close to me but that would have broken one of the 'rules'. Why do people smell? Can't they smell themselves or is it that they can smell themselves but they really like the odor of Polo cologne mixed with PP.



  1. k o w said...
    There is nothing worse than having to breathe in someone else's stench. I particularly hate the old women that wear that awful musk like perfume that clings to your clothing from across the bus.

    Good effing post!
    Networkchic said...
    I know what you mean...it's like they have to put the whole damn bottle on to make sure everyone else shares in the aroma.
    NewYorkMoments said...
    Oh my God..you should check out my archives. One time a woman blew snot on my face on the subway. & Another time a guy rubbed his dick up against my ass for 30 blocks. Ugh. I hate people.
    Networkchic said...
    I can only imagine that the NYC subway is ten times worse than the El in Chi-town. Don't you love those guys that think they're being all sly like you won't notice thier nasty Oscar rubbing in your back. Some people got to get their jollies anyway they can.
    NewYorkMoments said...
    Check out my post from April 01.
    Kelly B. said...
    Every day on the way to work I have to drive past a garbage dump. The past couple days, there has been this foul-smelling truck leaving the dump and it's full of garbage. Totally disgusting. I'm driving the convertible right now so it's even worse. Nasty smells are just that, nasty! I think that shit is still in my nostrils.

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