10 things I say...

Did you vote in the last presidential election (if no, then shut-up)?
Did you donate any money to the Hurricane Katrina relief fund (if no, why not, even the $5 you spend a day on junk food can help)?
Do you read the newspaper daily (or did you just start since a natural disaster occurred)?
Do you know what the word 'refugee' means (if no, look it up)?
Do you know what 'democracy' means (if no, look it up)?
Do you know what 'communism' means (if no look it up)?
Do you think that the government should equally distribute all property and wealth regardless of who earns it?
Do you actually volunteer or donate any services to those less fortunate than yourself (if no, does that make you selfish or self-centered)?
Are you willing to open up that spare room in your home to one of the 'evacuees' (if no, why)?
Do you believe that our government treats people differently or makes decisions based on race, color or religion (if you answered yes, you better read our constitution again)?

I agree that everyone deserves to have an opinion. I do not believe that everyone's opinion is based on factual evidence. I believe people in general are uneducated about what goes on in the world around them, some of it is due to the inability to obtain the info, most is due to the unwillingness to process such information.

Regardless of whether you are a conservative, a liberal or somewhere in between...please know what the hell you are talking about before you open your mouth and so gently insert your foot.


  1. special k said...
    i agree with you 100% you took the words out of my mouth! i believe the race card is played about as far as it can be, and i also believe its not fair to blame the president for EVERY thing that happens. love the blog! very interesting reading! have a great day!
    Networkchic said...
    Hey Thanks...it's nice to know that not everyone thinks things are 'black and white'. The whole mess is a tragedy but it's more about nature than nurture this time.

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