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I've been busy lately rallying for causes. I'm not sure what's happening to me but lately I've felt compelled to open up my mouth and shout, "I don't like this and I want it to change." That statement alone is nothing unique but for me, it's out of the ordinary because I usually grumble a bit, stomp my feet, and deal with whatever comes my way whether I like it or not. I decided yesterday that I was sick and tired of the idiots speeding down my street, running stop signs, acting like my quiet little side street is the Indy 500. You see I have children and dogs and I like to walk with both of them without the fear that I'll be run over. No one seems to care that children play on that street and whether they've been taught to stay out of the street or not, sometimes kids just don't listen. No one cares that every time you cross the street you have to do it with the fear that someone will decide that a stop sign really isn't meant to actually make you stop, so they roll through half way until they realize someone is trying to cross the street in front of them. So I'm mad and I decided to stop being that person that complains about something being wrong, and actually take action to change it. So I searched the Internet, I called my Alderman, I did research...and I found a committee that helps people get these sort of traffic woes changed in their neighborhood. Woo hoo...someone actually emailed me back and applauded my efforts and told me they'd be happy to organize a committee, get the alderman involved, get the neighbors on board...and now I feel wonderful. I feel like finally I'm taking charge of the things that matter to me. So I'm riding in the car this morning listening to the normal radio show that amuses me on my short commute to the train when the hosts start making fun of the little boy from China with 3 arms. Have you read about him? Anyway, I was completely offended by their comments. Now I do not offend easily but as a parent I thought the last thing that would offer comedic effect is the plight of a child. I was quite pissed off actually, so much in fact that when I arrived at work I sent an email to the radio host...here it is:


I normally listen to your show every morning and usually enjoy it as a start to my workday but this morning I was particularly offended by your discussion about the little boy with 3 arms. I found it very disrespectful and not humorous at all. Now I understand there are medical anomalies that are in fact funny but the comments made by you and by Kathy really were out of line. As a parent, I'm sure you can understand how if this were your own child, the last thing you would want to hear is a couple of radio hosts making jokes about your child's unfortunate situation. I know you were not serious in your comments and were probably just going for the comical effect, but really, was it necessary to use this child's handicap as your inspiration? One particular comment from Kathy about using the child's arm to hang jewelry was extremely insensitive and had no humor effect at all.

Like I said, I do enjoy your show but I felt compelled to speak up about this morning's show because as a person that does not offend easily, I was in fact offended. I'm not sure my complaint or opinion will urge you to choose your content more carefully in the future but my sharing it with you lets me start my day with a little more piece of mind.

I'll wait to see if they respond but either way...I feel good about speaking up. You know there are so many things that happen in our lives, things we don't like, things we're truly bothered by, and most of us let it slide. We deal, we cope, we stop listening, we run away....and I'm guilty of all of these things. But for today and hopefully tomorrow I want my voice to be heard. I'm no hero, I'm just a normal every day human being that's somehow found her voice.


  1. k o w said...
    This is weird. all I see here is your links list and the word comments. I'm sure this post is awesome and will check back later to read it.
    Anonymous said...
    Everyone has a right to voice thier opinions and concerns.Good for you for using your rights to make a difference Net!Thanks for sharing~
    sirreene said...
    First, I have to highlight your blog to read it just like k o w wrote. The other day I thought it was down. I agree with you on the radio show. That was awful and you did the right thing. There is a radio show here in Philly that encourages people to decorate and send in photos of passed out drunksters so they can post them on their internet site! There are tons of colleges in the area. This only encourages drinking to excess. These two hosts and this particular prank for reasons you understand infuriates me and I have let them know. What if a kid accidentally dies because someone is encouraged to get a funny photo for their stupid radio show?
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