I'm fixed I'm fixed

The funny thing about being a techie is that I actually hate fixing techie things outside of my normal daily scope. I let my computer at home sit quietly gathering dust because quite honestly I'm all techied out by the end of the day. But...I got so sick and tired of Blogger not showing my posts that I had to pull out my hat of tricks and dig deep in my reservoir to try and fix it. Now...the true test is if you all can see what I write so please....comment and let me know. If all is good I'll be back with my mildly amusing words tomorrow.


  1. Shannon said...
    YAY I can see you now!
    I have been coming by everyday to check
    last week if I waited long enough I was about to highlight where the words would be but not post
    so glad you fixed it
    how are you feeling NWC
    sirreene said...
    Ok now, what did you use? Tide with Bleach? I can see clearly now the Black is gone....
    e.e. said...

    Tide with Bleach... very cute, sireene... I think a LOT of blogs need that!!

    I can see you VERY clearly now, miss Network Chic!
    e.e. said...
    Honestly, I find the simpler my blogger template, the fewer issues I have with it..

    Actually, I find the simpler ALL things are in life, the better!
    Less 'system' crashes!
    NML said...
    I can see you :-)
    kimmyk said...
    I see you!
    Mellissa said...
    Hey NC,

    Can see you - and you look BEAUTIFUL!!

    TJ said...


    Oh, there you are.


    Glad to see you again...
    Fitèna said...
    where art thou!!!??/

    Oh I see you!!!


    WDKY said...
    Thank god for that! You don't know how much I've missed you x
    Christine said...
    missed you a ton!
    happy you're back

    was it really the bleach?

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