Blogger woes

I'm not sure what's up with Blogger lately but comments have dwindled to about nothing and some people say you can't see my template anymore. Here I thought people didn't like me any more...boohoo for me. But really, is it still screwed up? I tried republishing it but I'm seriously considering moving it because Blogger has so many issue lately. Has anyone else had problems?

This really isn't the way to start a weekend now is it?

I hope you can see me....I still see you. Happy Friday.


  1. Anonymous said...
    hey lovely lady ...hope you have a great weekend..yes..blogger is acting up right now..!!!!!!
    Anonymous said...
    hey lovely lady ...hope you have a great weekend..yes..blogger is acting up right now..!!!!!!
    Caterpillar said...
    It still comes up all black, but when I hit "back" it sometimes goes back to my site but sometimes goes to your site with the normal white background.

    I haven't had problems with blogger other than it sometimes not posting pictures. But this is a big problem here when people can't read your wonderful words!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend!
    kimmyk said...
    Oohh I'm sorry to see you're having problems, but glad because I've been wondering what the heck happened cause all I'm seeing is black. I hope they figure it out, but I'm happy to see that you're still here.

    Hope you have a great weekend!
    WDKY said...
    Well, Blogger HAS been a bitch but your template problems are probably more to do with whatever site is hosting the background images you're using. Maybe time for a new template?

    Have a great weekend, darling x
    NewYorkMoments said...
    Hey Networkchic! Long time no see.
    e.e. said...
    hey! Your blog is all messed up when I try and view it!
    What happened??

    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    What's going on girl? I can't see shit.
    I see you though,
    keda said...
    i still cant see anything unless i click select all!

    and its very hard to post comments on blogger too. nightmare!

    take care babe. and as someone said before.. it may be time to get a new template sadly!
    Anonymous said...
    whoa trippy,
    who turned off the lights?
    you should put some of those scooby doo scary eyes in the template.
    um..I am guessing something isn't working in your blog still..
    I will be back.
    Hope you are well!
    bornfool said...
    I've been lurking here for awhile but when you changed your template everything disappeared. I finally accidentally right clicked and it selected the entry like keda said, then i could read it.

    I liked your old template better and the music. Just saying. BTW, Meg (da gal) sent me your way.
    Lex-Sunshine said...
    I've been having trouble leaving comments on a few different blogs, not just yours.......... but I haven't been around that much lately.

    Good to 'see' you though! : )
    NML said...
    I had a problem with my comments since last wed...I have also been away but I still like ya :-)

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