Kickin' Back

It's only 8:45 a.m. and already I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed. Do you ever have those days when the minute you walk in the door it feels like the rest of the day is going to be spent chasing your tail? Well this morning I decided to kick off the sandals and prop up my feet on my desk and take some well deserved slack time. Give yourself a break today...kick back a little.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday HNT_1


  1. NMAMFQLMSH said...
    hey what's up with the blog? nice feet by the way.
    i see you,
    Caterpillar said...
    I tried yesterday and today to comment and I'm just having troubles! First, with regard to yesterday's post - I think it's so wonderful that you're doing something, and I know it so pisses me off too when people go speeding like bats out of hell down small side streets! Second - you have very pretty feet and you deserve to put them up, after all you're carrying a little growing baby inside you!!! :)
    keda said...
    commenting sucks at the mo! darling i don't know what you've doen to your template... or if it even that, but its all gone black and i cant read anything!

    nice feet though.
    TJ said...
    sounds like a great idea--I just might try that!

    have a great (relaxing) weekend!!
    k o w said...
    Well I can see your feet and some text but for some reason your site comes up in all black for me.
    AAwoken said...
    Your site's css if Fubared. Ican however see some preego feet, no?
    WDKY said...
    You have such cute little feet :-)

    happy HNT x
    NML said...
    Something weird going on with this post. The template seems to be broken.
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