I posted this ear before so you'd whisper something naughty. Yes that was nice but then I realized these ears of mine have something else they need to do...

Shhh, can you hear me?
You ask so many questions...I have the answers.
Why can't you trust me?
Is it because I've let you down, I've caused you pain?
What you seek to know, it's right here.
You've cursed my existence and sworn to put an end to my life.
But you can't do it can you?
Sometimes you succeed for awhile, but eventually you turn to me again.
Maybe some days my judgment seems clouded, but really that's just you not listening again.
I have scars to prove my worthiness.
Look at them, they'll show you how far we've come together.
When you've felt like ending it all, I keep beating, breathing life back into you.
I do it for you, not for me.
Thump, thump, thump.
That rhythm can calm your fears.
Use me.
That's what I'm here for.
Forget my mistakes, everyone makes them.
Mistakes are the lessons that make us remember, the reasons we change.
If you would just listen....to me, you would hear me saying - I love you.
Please listen.

Happy HNT.



  1. Furzl said...
    Stunning pic. Intriguing post. Happy HNT
    Chuck said...
    Being a good listener is important in so many ways. Great pic!

    ladylongfellow said...
    *giving you a wet willy*

    Happy HNT!
    Lee Ann said...
    I am listening! Happy HNT and a very Happy New Year!
    MamaKBear said...
    It's a lovely ear!

    HappY HNT! :)
    bsoholic said...
    Very nice ear!

    Happy HNT & New Years.
    Wenchy said...
    Love the music btw...

    Happy HNT!
    Networkchic said...
    Thanks Wenchy...it's Linda Perry - too Deep.
    Shannon said...
    good post thank NWC... HHNT!!! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
    Chuck said...
    "Communication" is cliche. Listening is too often marginalized. It's the life blood of any meaningful relationship. Muscles atrophe if you don't use them. Luckily our ears don't do the same.
    Paul said...
    I wanted to whisper something so I had five of my friends start a comment, whisper it to each other and then finally it got to me and here's what it is:

    Big tunes rather not be happy!

    It might have been something different in the beginning, but I couldn't tell you what it was.
    kimmyk said...
    Nice ear NWC!
    I think that's the first HNT ear ..ever.

    I wanna stick my finger in it and give ya a wet willie too! But LL beat me to it! She's a perv like that...
    FunkyB said...
    Happy HNT, blogger sage, and Happy New Year.
    Jay said...
    happy HNT
    NewYorkMoments said...
    Great ears! Next time I'd like a closeup of the earrings.
    awaterpixie said...
    I'm loving this whole 'Best of HNT's' flashbacks...

    Happy New Year and Happy HNT.

    WDKY said...
    Hmmm... well, it's a beautiful ear perfectly proportioned and crying out to be kissed. As for the message... someone needs to start listening, NWC!

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