Holding Time

If I could hold time in the palm of my hand...

I would rewind life to the parts you remember.
I would slow the hands to a pace where I could see the important parts of life more clearly.
I would make time less of a requirement and more of a benefit.
I would give you more and I would take less.
I would pause time in the parts of life I can't understand.
I would stop time so it would never be time for you to go.

If I could hold time in the palm of my hand I would, but I can't and so, time goes on as we wonder where it went.

Happy Half Nekkid Thursday HNT_1


  1. e.e. said...
    You have become such an on-line boost for me.. an online friend.
    I wish you live next door to me.
    I wish I could call you and say, "hey, thank you for sharing,
    Thank you for giving."
    You do nothing BUT give more, and take less.
    Thank you.

    Anonymous said...
    You translate your world to us so beautifully Net'!
    Networkchic said...
    Hey em, you know I feel the same about you. Ever since the first time I visited your site there was a connection. It was if you were speaking about my life, a life that sometimes I'm just confused as hell about. I wish you were closer because I'm absolutely positive I'd be knocking on your door often. Ah...it's so good to find people you can count on.
    kimmyk said...
    I'd love to go back in time....so many things I'd change....*sigh*
    Caterpillar said...
    That was lovely, NWC!
    ~TVS said...
    Time goes fast or time goes slow, but when it's gone, where did it go?
    Hamrose said...
    So nice NWC, so nice...
    WDKY said...
    Why did I think of that amazing Bowie track... "Time takes a cigarette... puts it in your mouth... you pull on a finger, then another finger, then your cigarette..."

    Happy HNT, NWC x
    NML said...
    If I could hold time, there are definitely a few guys I would erase ;-)

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