Camping is stressful when...

I'm back and I survived which is no small feat considering my very stressful camping weekend. Let me share a few snippets...

Camping is stressful when:

-It's 90 degrees and your campsite has no shade until 3 in the afternoon
-You take a 2 year old out of her normal element and she refuses to take a nap for two days.
-You bring your Chocolate Lab with you that has two bad legs and can't walk far so you end up carrying him most of the time
-You former best friend brings her 2 year old and a puppy and doesn't watch either one
-There are ants everywhere...even inside your tent
-You see the biggest spiders you've ever seen in your life and your significant other refuses to kill them (whimp) so you are left with the task of smashing them silly
-You have a queen size mattress to sleep on but you also have a toddler who thinks 3/4 of that mattress belongs to her so you end up with her sleeping on your chest...in 90 degree weather
-You are camping with 3 'almost teen girls' who roll their eyes every time you tell them to clean up their dishes, help pick up trash, or do anything that doesn't involve sitting on their duff talking about boys
-You have to watch your 'former best friend' give her toddler Mountain Dew or play with the fire or carry big sticks around or do all the things you've been taught that good parents never never do...and you have to keep your mouth shut 'cause it ain't your kid

Needless to say I've had my fill of tent camping and if I ever venture out into the woods again it's going to be with a big honkin' camper that has electricity and a bathroom and at least 2 beds so my sweet girl Alice can have as much space as she wants. Alice did have fun camping...so I suppose the weekend wasn't a total bust...I swear the things we do for our kids...

Hope you all had a fab weekend.


  1. Rex said...
    Haaahahahhaha......I remember those days. Now my baby goes out without me. He is almost an Eagle scout and regularly does backpacking trips that are 50-75 miles for a week or two at a time....they grow up so fast. But we did have the camper when they were little....after one very insane tent weekend!
    Michelle said...
    I never went campling with a child but I did got with a few grown ups, so I can relate to most of your weekend.
    Experience is one of the things that make us grow stronger and I would say you did a lot of growing this weekend.
    Anonymous said...
    We live and learn.I cannot imagine how pooped you must be !
    Hope you can get some rest .
    Sorry it didn't turn out for ya but maybe that just means that next year we will see a posting about your excellent camping trip in your spiffy new high end camper :)
    Thanks for sharing ~
    k o w said...
    Mountain Dew to a toddler is like filling a milk bottle with rocket fuel.

    I enjoy camping and have experienced everthing you listed minus the baby and air mattress deal.
    Shannon said...
    I am cracking up only because I can picture the total misery... and not that its that funny... but I am amused...
    at least you are home now YAY
    and survived YAY
    we are going on a road trip this summer me, hubby, 16yr 13yr and 8 yr- we are driving from Washington to California- so I will see who laughs then :)
    Mellissa said...
    Sorry for laughing!! But I could not help myself.

    Your "friend" sounds like a dummy (no offense)

    Caterpillar said...
    Oh my gosh, the spiders sound so horrific. Up until I read that I was thinking that it sounded bad, but at the spiders I knew I would want to jump in the car and drive home as fast as possible!
    NML said...
    My gosh that sounded horrific! Rather you than me...I think I shall put camping as an activity down at the bottom of a very long list :-)
    Anonymous said...
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