Someone sent me one of those chain emails yesterday. I hate chain emails and most often I delete them before giving them a second glance but the one that landed in my inbox yesterday caused me to read further than the subject line. Maybe you've seen it, it's titled "I wish you enough." The story it tells isn't a fantastic one, it's not well written, and even the meaning is a bit weak but the word 'enough' sparked something in my brain and I pondered the word most of yesterday. The word itself means sufficient to meet need or desire. Wishing someone 'enough' means you wish their needs and desires to be met. It's a nice thought isn't it? But does that ever really happen? Do we ever have enough love? Enough happiness? Enough peace? Enough money? Do we have enough of any of these things that we actually feel 'sufficient'? I think sometimes we convince ourselves we have enough, we find someone we love that loves us back but at some point we've probably all thought or said, I need more. I need more attention, I need more understanding, I need more space, I need more time, I need I need I need. So will that love, pure and simple, ever be enough?

I think it's a wonderful wish to cast upon someone, to wish them 'enough', but I have to wonder how often that wish is ever fulfilled. Can life ever give us 'enough' to fill our desire and help us feel that what we have - is sufficient? God I hope so.


  1. NMAMFQLMSH said...
    I'll take enough thank you very much.
    I see you,
    Christine said...
    maybe a character defect of mine but I seem to never have enuff---

    not enuff love, attention, drama if you're talking of wishes
    but I always seem to have my real needs fulfilled, now the basics I always seem to have enuff

    but my perceptions lately are a bit off I think

    Thanks for your encouragement, I'm hanging in-- you are a love
    Anonymous said...
    Life always gives me enough,each day.
    What more could I possibly need than
    "today"? Keep on soul searching my friend,you are on to something:)
    Thank you for sharing ~
    e.e. said...
    I think learning and appreciating that we have "enough" is also very important.
    It is, in a sense, being thankful for what we have.
    This in itself allows us inner peace.

    I think enough is enough when it comes to those damn chain emails...
    Michelle said...
    I agree with e.e., we need to learn to appreciate what we have. We are given what we need and it is up to us to make that enough. No one will ever have enough money, those people who have a lot of it always want more, that would be the thing we humans have called greed.
    As always, great post.
    Trudging said...
    Enough is good
    Shannon said...
    I wish you enough!
    oregoncelticlady said...
    I liked that e-mail. I spend a lot of time practicing gratitude and am really working on defining what I want, what is worth spending time wanting, what I need and what I can/should live without! It all seems to bring balance and peace. I don't think it is the having/not having that leaves us feeling empty but useless WANTING.
    Lex-Sunshine said...
    If I start counting MY blessings I'll never be able to stop and I KNOW I have enough. If I count what YOU have that I don't, I'll never have enough. Its all about perspective, I think. though provocing post
    Caterpillar said...
    Very interesting, and I really like reading everyone's comments as well.

    I love the idea that we are given enough - what we need each day. But at the same time, how do we know when we are just wanting more and really maybe deserving more than we have (I'm thinking of love etc. here as opposed to possessions). I don't know. I see now why the concept of enough had you thinking all day.
    WDKY said...
    Actually, NWC, I think the opposite... we sometimes convince ouselves that we don't have enough. I suspect that we've lost all understanding of what "enough" means" these days...

    Hang on. Now I'm not sure if I was saying the opposite or not. I think I'd better go back to bed.
    Fitèna said...
    "Assez". It doesn't translate well in french.
    I like the meaning it conveys in english. Am for the positive attitude. The What I don't have I don't need and what i have is enough. Wishing you enough.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Anonymous said...
    Enough is all where we put our priorities, where we place our will, and what fills us up. That is not dependant on a specific faith or belief. Truly unplugging from advertising and looking to others has a huge impact on what enough is in our lives. Enough comes with peace and contemptment.

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