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I really love the song playing on this blog so much in fact that I have a hard time taking it off here. When I first discovered the song Into the Light by Alice Peacock I was in a bad place - emotionally. I know that many of you know exactly how it feels to live your life with the burden of not knowing where you belong. But this song, each and every time I hear it I'm reminded that all the searching I've done, all the paths I've explored trying to find my place, have led me exactly where I need to be - right here right now. It's accepting that you are in the right place that's the hard part. Some say it's the journey and yes that can be hard too but do you ever notice that when you get to the 'right place' it seems camouflaged in the mistakes of our past? People always tell you to 'live in the moment' but I've done that many times and it's not always the right thing to do. Sometimes we live in the wrong moments. We get caught up in what someone says, what they do, the pain in the here and now, that it becomes all we can see, all we can hear, all that we are. Last week I lived in a moment where my s.o. said something that hurt my feelings and I wallowed in that moment far too many hours. Instead of living in the moments where he's been kind to me, where he's been the shoulder that I leaned on - I existed in a moment of weakness. The truth is that life does not exist in one moment - it exists in many. I think the trick is making life exist from one moment to the next.


  1. NMAMFQLMSH said...
    I know that living in the moment is easier said than done.
    I see you,
    Rex said...
    Great post. When the moments connect life is wonderful. Thanks for sharing.
    Lori said...
    You are so right with this.

    I miss coming here everyday... :-(
    Caterpillar said...
    I love what you said here. I can't add any more.

    I love that you introduced me to this song, too. It's so incredible and so powerful. Thank you for that and for all your wisdom and so much more!
    Lex-Sunshine said...
    I am having a 'moment' just like that - right now!!! This one little, teeny, tiny moment has been eating me up all morning LONG!!! over shadowing a wonderful 72 hours of awesome moments... Thank you for the reminder that I need to look at all the moments, not just that one. : )
    keda said...
    well realised, and said! one moment to the next... and onwards.

    you are doing great sweetie!
    kimmyk said...
    For some reason we dwell on what someone says that's hurtful and brush off the compliments or the good things said to us. I don't understand why we do that either-maybe because we know those that say bad or hurtful things are on crack and we're tryin to figure out where the hell they get off...lol.

    I'm like you though...I will stew on the bad stuff...I'm working on it though...I'm a work in progress I guess you could say.
    WDKY said...
    I don't know that living in the moment is ever wrong, NWC.. sometimes, though, recognising the moment for what it really is can be more difficult than we'[d l;ike it to be. Anyway, the song is beautiful, and the words meaningful... and stop being so hard on yourself!
    AAwoken said...
    Very zen of you. If you have read Thich Nhat Hahn. Do so. Peace in Every Step is a good starting place. Mindfulness, is what they call it.

    As for the song. Well you know how much that song has affected my life. Funny thing is, that I was thinking of putting it on my blog this mornig, but said "that's NWC's". Special is an inderstatement. It is the theme song of my life now.

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