promises to keep

So many people have passed through the doorway of my life, some leaving traces of themselves behind and some vanishing as if they never existed. I have had promises broken and some kept, I have cried tears for others and many more for myself. I have lifted myself up when my arms were tired and I have walked through misery even when the blisters on my feet threatened to prevent my swift escape. I have loved and I have hated, both with equal intensity. I have questioned others motives but more often questioned my own for those are the ones that seem to lead me down the same familiar path time and time again. Pain has plagued my heart and many times my soul, yet in the face of adversity I somehow grasp onto to what I know, onto what I trust in, and it leads me through. What I know is that no matter where I travel or what strangers I may encounter along the way, the friends that I have held dear, new ones and old, the friends who have seen me at my worst and at my best but choose only to remember the best, are the reasons that I survive. They are the reasons I have strength, the reasons I believe in myself. Because of them I am able to make promises, ones I know I can keep.

I promise to remember who I am and when I forget, I promise to ask my friends to remind me.

I promise to listen to my friends and place as much faith in them as they have placed in me.

I promise to be honest, even when it hurts, and be comforting even when I myself am in pain.

I promise to lean when I am falling and lend my shoulders when I stand strong.

I promise not to run away, because I've run too many circles around myself.

I promise to use my heart even when it feels broken, and my head even when it's spinning.

I promise to remember that this journey is a bridge to something better and on the other side is a door which I can unlock with my faith...and if I lose the key, I know my friends will always have the spare.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Last night at my churche's singles group for the 35-45 age group we asked many of the same questions and tried to come up with good answers. The key was building relationships with a core group of friends, whom you trust, they have credibility in your life, and you love.

    Nice post it is right on target with what many of us feel. After our families find distance seperating us from our daily lives our friendships are very important. Especially with like minded people who know your heart and intent.
    NML said...
    Nice post! I could do with making a few promises to myself. The thing I like about your blog is that I feel like I'm getting a peep into a journey.
    Anonymous said...
    We have to be our own bestfriends first in life don't we?
    I got my blog fixed ,stop by later if ya like.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Just Some Gal said...
    This is gorgeous.

    Lori said...
    These are all so true. Sometimes life throws us some unexpected and difficult curves, but despite it all, I believe that we must choose happiness for it to take up residence in our lives.

    It sounds like you are on your way!

    P.S. Thanks for your kind words.

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