letting go - one piece at a time

I cannot cry
tears seem pointless when no one sees them
screaming for attention
no ears to listen
I gave something to you
can I have it back
place it on the window sill
when you walk away
I'd leave
but this is place belongs to me
you said you loved me
maybe I believed you
but believing in something
doesn't make it true

or real
I promised protection
for myself
then I laid my weapons aside
to comfort you
did you feel it
the regret growing inside my chest
I did
but I've become good at denial
wishing for something
can leave you hopeful
that a giver will come along
and take nothing
when there's nothing left
to claim
and still I wait
for you to change
except it's me
yesterday I cried

I wasn't scared
and no one saw me
but they fell anyway
washing away
bits of failures
fragments of guilt
I can see the surface
of something new
more peaceful
existing for purpose
that I create
existing here
and always
when you leave
this place
look behind
so you remember
where you came from
makes you


  1. nukie310 said...
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    k o w said...
    Now spread your wings butterfly.
    WDKY said...
    I thought that was amazing. Anything I say here can only devalue it.
    Caterpillar said...
    That was beautiful.
    NML said...
    Gosh that was fantastic!

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