Dear Sir

Dear Sir,

I'm 30 something and I was told there is no Santa Claus. I need to know if my friends are right, is there a Santa? I really want to believe.

Yours truly,

(response to letter follows tomorrow)


  1. WDKY said...
    Well, much might depend on who "Sir" is. I'm confused, anyway, though - what's this nonsense about there not being a Santa?
    Mike said...
    The rule in my family growing up was "You believe, you receive." :)

    I blog at http://www.thebatchelorchronicles.blogspot.com
    k o w said...
    Santa is a woman. That's all I can tell you right now.
    Shannon said...
    let me know! let me know!

    I love that old movie with Natalie Wood... used to watch it every Thanksgiving with mom and nana and Jesse... Miracle on (crap I cant remember the street... LOL there is a meeting in my hood called miracle on 56th street..) oh well you know what I mean

    PS its snowing
    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    Trust me on this one - there really is a Santa Claus - I know this because I help him with buying gifts every year and he waves to me in the mall.
    I see you,
    Neil said...
    I hope not. I don't have a chimney in my apartment.
    kimmyk said...
    Of course there's a Santie Claus! Don't be ridiculous!

    Next thing you'll be questioning the Easter Bunny. pfft!
    Blueprincesa said...
    I'm sure there's a santa claus because every christmas I put out cookies for him, and every christmas somebody eats them.
    ladylongfellow said...
    Gentiles get all the cool holidays! lol This is the first year my kids know 100% there is no Santa and it's really kind of changed Christmas. This year they did their Christmas lists and they were actually more realistic and not a list of everything they ever wanted. It's kind of nice they are growing up like that.
    unforgiving b*tch said...
    There is a Santa! I've seen him. And there's an Easter Bunny too...I still get an easter basket left on my doorstep.

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