Happy HNT

All week I've been posting bits of my history, things that have changed me, things I am thankful for. Today as I sit here typing it's hard to be thankful because I'm actually working. Part of me is bitter. I've educated myself, worked extremely hard to excel at my career, yet here I sit on Thanksgiving Day while the rest of my friends and family get ready to celebrate and give thanks for the things in their life. I must dig deep within myself to overcome this anger - because being angry is the easy way out. So in an effort to remind myself that I am very lucky and there are many things in my life to be thankful for - here's my list:

I'm thankful for my sweet baby girl. She's the light that leads me through the darkness.

I'm thankful for my sig other, he loves me even though I'm a pain in the ass.

I'm thankful for my family, they love me without limits, without expectation, without consequence.

I'm thankful for my friends, they have helped me endure the heartache, the broken wings, life.

I'm thankful for my blog readers, they read my words, listen to my pain, help me realize that I do have something to say - worth listening to.

I'm thankful I have a job so that I can provide for my family.

I'm thankful I have been able to overcome the many obstacles in my life and come out the other side a better person.

Happy HNT and Thanksgiving everyone. Eat and be merry.


  1. NMAMFQLMSH said...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    I See You,
    ladylongfellow said...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thank you for blogging -I appreciate you!
    nukie310 said...
    It takes a lot of courage to write a blog filled with such personal glimpses into your life. Have a good Thanksgiving and stop working long enough to eat.
    Anonymous said...
    so cute! happy hnt
    Caterpillar said...
    Happy Thanksgiving, NWC! And even though you of course want to be with your family instead of working (and I think it's complete crap that they're making you work), I think you're living the spirit of the day by listing all the things that make your life wonderful!! We're all really so lucky!
    WDKY said...
    Have a lovely holiday, NWC, and thanks for such a very, very good way for me to spend just a little part of every day x
    Blueprincesa said...
    Happy American thanksgiving. We up North had ours last month, but it's still nice to be reminded to be thankful. It's too easy to forget about all the good things we have.
    Just Some Gal said...
    Happy Thanksgiving... And happy HNT.

    Your post is very thought provoking NWC. I really appreciate you sharing it. I feel the same way about my baby boy.

    kimmyk said...
    I can't believe you worked on Thanksgiving NWC!!

    I hope you got a break long enough to enjoy your family and good eats!!!!
    Shannon said...
    Happy Thanksgiving to you too... I am late posting as I had a full day yesterday... how did it go the rest of the day yesterday? I hope you were able to overcome your anger.. and if not thats ok too, TODAY is a new day
    vinceschauf said...
    I just discovered your blog! You wrote an outstanding post about T-giving! I am surprised at the similarities between you & I. I live in the CHicago area, work at a law firm.
    You wrote a very interesting post previously about moving to Chicago and the love interest you previously had. Did you ever do a post about your current significant other??
    I'd be interested how you met him, fell in love with him, how it all came about. Is there a post you can direct me to or is that possibly another post???
    Jaimie said...
    So much to be thankful for...I'm happy for you, despite the pain of life.
    Zoozan said...
    You have lots to say that has a resonance for us. You should feel proud of yourself
    Loveandotheraccidents said...
    I love your brutal honesty, and how you aren't afraid to write about your vulnerability - especially in the previous post.

    I think one thing woman do is that we give too much of ourselves in a relationship. Sometimes it's just not worth it. In my younger days, I drove 12 hours to spend Xmas with a guy, but thank goodness those days are over.
    Chuck said...
    If you've ever read Corrie Ten Boom she recounts a great 'thanks giving' account. She was in a Nazi concentration camp. Not only that she was in a barracks infested with fleas. Her sister came to her during one her thankless moods and told her she must thank God for the fleas. Corrie thought she had to be out of her mind. But, because of the fleas there barracks was almost Never searched or visited by the guards...so they were afforded alot of liberty.

    I can gripe with the best of them but the older I get the more I season rough times with thankfulness. Seems sort of weird just typing that word...like it's antiquated or something. Hope your holiday was ok anyway.

    It's amazing to enjoy the light a child brings to any situation.
    sirreene said...
    I am commenting a bit late here. I had work on Friday. I was going to work. Then I realized that I have an elderly parent who was going to dine with neighbors. I took the day off from work. How much good time does this elderly parent have? Why should they be with neighbors when they have grandchildren and a child who can drive to be with them and share the holiday? I have to set my priorities before they are too late...we had a nice Thanksgiving. Family together the way it should be. I hope you did also.

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