getting what I want

I remembered last night how to get my way.

I remember the first time I heard about oral sex. I overheard my brother and his friend talking about how their girlfriends 'tongued their candy' and I thought they were talking about sucking on life savers. It did seem strange to me that they'd get so excited watching someone put their tongue through a little candy hole, but I was eleven, what the hell did I know. I remember the first time I realized it wasn't the traditional type candy they were speaking of, disgust was what filled my mind. Those things were so ugly, who would want to put one in their mouth? Then, when I was 15 a boy tried to get me to 'suck his candy'. He was so smooth in his approach. "Hey nwc why don't you kneel down there and give me a little head," he whispered. "Give you a little head, why, a big one doesn't suit you," I responded? Even back then I was quite the smart arse. I never did give him head, there was something about his 'approach' that left me pretty turned off. Luckily I wasn't that into him or I'm sure I would have done anything to please him. Later in my teenage years,I did fall for a boy and did what I could to please him. I guess it was then I developed quite a technique, one that would give me power I never imagined possible. Honestly I was pretty grossed out by the whole act but I was turned on by watching a boy come completely under my control. Men really are simple to please when it comes to their 'candy'. I learned to pretend that I was actually sucking on my favorite flavored lolly pop, savoring every curve, my tongue wetting the path for my hand to follow. I can't even count how many times I've been told that 'it's the best they've ever had'. I guess I used to take that as a compliment, now I know - men are easy. I suppose you can give someone a bad bj, grab on too tight, slobber too much, spit out what they hope you'll swallow, but it seemed I was able to use my tongue for more than speaking this language I've learned to master. I used my talent to get what I wanted, men are more willing to give you what you want if you know how to jolly their lolly. Long, slow, pleasure that they can't resist and won't forget. It makes them weak, it makes them ripe - for the picking. I'm bad aren't I? I may be older and not so single anymore but talents like that don't seem to fade and they always come in handy. I want what I want and I want you to give it to me. Yes, sometimes us women have to resort to some pretty low tactics to get what we want. It's funny though, I've never had complaints when a man decides to oblige me.

So quietly you lay
your power is waning
as I take you in my hand
my lips become your captor
deeply you plunge into the darkness
teasing you, I set you free
for only a moment
you fear the path you've chosen
yet you trudge willingly ahead
back and forth
we play this game
of cat and mouse
fullness fills my mouth
I cannot speak
yet you hear my words
warm and safe
your pulse quickens
faster now
sliding up and down into oblivion
and I wait
for my reward


  1. k o w said...
    "jolly their lolly"... that made me spit tea.

    Let me go on the record here that a good bj is very rare. I have only known one woman who was good at it and I miss her dearly.
    WDKY said...
    (KOW, I think you need to move to England)

    That was excellent, and you've hit the nail on the head... once we're in your mouth (that was the collective "your", not yours in particular) we'll do anything you want. The trouble is, you can't really ask, can you?
    Networkchic said...
    WDKY you are right, somehow when a guy asks you to give him a good 'jolly on his lolly' the ambition to please goes right out the window.

    KOW - maybe the girls in Philly need some instruction. A new business venture?
    kimmyk said...
    I find a BJ is a great bargaining tool.
    I'll admit, I'm not one who loves giving them...although, honey says I'm good (as if he would say I wasn't...pfft ! )
    but, I do it-not as often as he would like, but I do it...especially when I want my "reward".
    It's all about give and take. I'll give you what you want and then you give me what I want...fairs fair.
    nukie310 said...
    My father always said:

    "One hand washes the gadam other"
    SL said...
    Not all men are as compliant as you seem to think.
    Troi Toy said...
    Read some of your posts (finally). Whew! Racy! Had no idea your mind worked this way (lol). Fantastic writing btw. I'm jealous. I will now commit to better writing on my blog...
    NewYorkMoments said...
    It's a HUGE power trip :-)
    Networkchic said...
    Hey troi, glad you decided to stop by. Yes I hide my alter personality well...maybe that bad girl in me didn't leave after all.

    I read your blog...keep it up, I love the photos.
    Shannon said...
    LOL gurl... I am with you I use the BJ as a bargining tool too (wink wink) I love it...

    Happy Friday!

    I see you!
    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    Oral Sex....WTF is that? OMG it has been too long. I need to get laid.
    I SEE YOU,
    NML said...
    Top post and for my experiences of guys, I agree with you 100%. I am yet to meet a gut that doesn't like BJs or be under your control when you give him one. The next time I give one (I suspect that it's a long way off!), I will think of it as 'candy'.

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