Watch what you say...

Having a toddler who's learning to speak really helps remind you that you must learn to think about what you say before it actually leaves your mouth. For example, we're riding in the car the other day and volley starts singing, I jokingly say, "your singing sucks" and a tiny voice from the back seat bellows out, "Sucks." Ooops....bad mommy. Sucks isn't exactly a curse word but used in the proper situation it can seem a bit, 'offensive'. Now my daughter seems to be able to use the word at all the inappropriate times....we're at the park, lots of other judging eyes and ears around, I tell Alice we have to go...she yells, "SUCKS". Um, excuse me, did that come out of my child's mouth? I have no idea where she learned that. We're at the store and the checkout clerk starts talking baby talk to Alice and asks her how she is today...guess what her response is, "SUCKS". Yes, my baby sucks. My oh my...what will I teach her next? I'm such a good role model.


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