Volley and I played in a vball blind draw this past Saturday. I can hardly believe that I have not played sand vball all summer...but it's true. Needless to say I was a bit out of shape when I hit the sand but I really held my own and didn't completely suck. The way this thing works is you show up by 8 so you can get a spot in line. You wait for them to put your name on a list. They make you wait some more. They draw names and make teams, you then hope you are on a team that doesn't suck. So...I go to find my team. Let me just remind you that of the 100 people there I know exactly two people, Volley and Island Boy. So, I'm walking to my designated court to scope out my team. Looks like I'm the only girl...ok, no problem. I find two of my team members...pretty cool...ok where's the last member? I see his cocky little ass walking towards us. Crap...I now realize I know 3 people and this third edition is someone I can rarely stand. He's one of those cocky, know-it-all, types. He has short man syndrome coming out of his ears. Ok, so he's on my team, maybe he won't be the jerk I've learned he can be. It starts off ok...UNTIL, he tries to tell me what to do. For those of you who know me, you realize this is not a good thing. I'm sassy, I'm independent, I hate to be bossed around. Well Mr. Cocky must think I'm one of those chicks that is just going to step back and say, "oh sure...make me stay at the back of the court so I can just shag balls and never set or hit." Oh PLEASE. Well needless to say he was kind of shocked when I said, "NO WAY." After we got straight who the boss was, we actually did pretty well. We made it to the 'good' division of finals which made me happy since most of the time I end up on a sucky team and we end up in the 'UGLY' division. This time Mr. Volley ended up in the 'UGLY' but at least he was the hottest in the group.

I love volleyball but I must say I'm sick to death of those volleyball 'clicks'. I consider myself to be a pretty good player but here's where I differ from those cocky arseholes. I know this level of sport we play is for 'RECREATION'. I'm not going to be the next Misty May. I know I won't make money out of playing vball...I have a real job. I don't act cocky if I think I'm better than someone else...because not so long ago I used to suck too. Sometimes I wonder why it's usually the players who really aren't that great that tend to act like they just might be the next Olympic Volleyball Champions. Maybe their attitude is the only thing keeping them company.


  1. k o w said...
    You stated it exactly in your last paragraph. Usually it's the people who suck that try and make it appear like they're the best player on the team. Volley is all about teamwork. When I play here in Philly it's all about setting up your partner and vice versa. Anyone who starts barking orders on the court can eat a bullet.
    Networkchic said...
    Ah so you play the game? Yeah it's amazing how many 'pro' players there are in a recreational game. I mean we're good...but come on we aren't going to make any money doing this.
    k o w said...
    Exactly. I've played for years mostly down on the Jersey shore. For one summer I grew my hair long and actually got a tan as I was convinced I would end up in the Olympics one day. Nowadays I just play for fun. There are tournaments I could play in but who needs a 1,000 wannabe's talking shit to your face during a game.

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