Time flies...

It seems like a week has passed since I posted last. Maybe because the last time I posted I was stuck working late hours, (until 4 a.m.) and the next days were spent in a fuzzy haze. Now, the haze is clearing and I can almost see the light of day.

We got a new puppy....I swear it's liking having another baby but without stretch marks. He's cute and Alice loves him. Thank goodness for our other dog Jake who's been the very best puppy-sitter. As long as Jake's around Vinnie seems to be content, it's too bad I can't train Jake to watch Alice so I can steal a few moments to myself.

So it's Tuesday and I managed to bypass the Monday blues since I took the day off to be sick. Yes I'm under the weather. I hate being sick, it's so unproductive. Anyway, I'm back to work, not feeling much better except for the fact that I'm one day closer to the weekend. Isn't it pathetic when you start looking forward to the weekend on Sunday night? It seems as I get older the work week gets longer and longer. Pretty soon my weekends will seem non-existent.

I wrote something over the weekend because my creative juices seem to be flowing again. I decided this blog is the perfect place to share...since no one really reads these posts. ;-0

My words:

If I could fly, I'd take a running start and leap...right off a building. Someone would be there to catch me if my wings were clipped...wouldn't they? If I could sing, I'd pick one of those "make your heart bleed" types of songs...and someone would listen...wouldn't they? If I could write, I'd write words that change the way people think...people do think don't they? If I were someone else, I'd still recognize myself...wouldn't I? If my life were to end tomorrow, I'd die happy...wouldn't I? Couldn't I? Shouldn't I?

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  1. Violet said...
    I read these posts!!! You write really well. Love you!

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