As you lay sleeping...

I wrote this for my daughter....

I tiptoe into your room hoping the squeaky floor boards won’t wake you.
I stand at the foot of your crib silently watching you sleep.
You look so peaceful, so happy, so content.
Your body is twisted in many directions; I remember when I was that agile.
I watch the slow rise of your chest, up and down, up and down; I am content.
My hand brushes your head; your hair feels like silk.
The warmth of your little body comforts me like a blanket on a cold winter night.
Your breathing is slow and steady; it is music to my ears.
As I watch you, I wonder if you are dreaming.
Are you thinking of me or are your thoughts of baby dolls and building blocks?
I long to hold you, but I’ll wait; patience comes easy as long as I can be near you.
Sometimes I wish I could lay down beside you, fold you into my arms, and never let go.
But I know this is your time, your night, your sleep.
As I tiptoe out of your room I hear you stir in your bed, I turn for one last look, you open your eyes to look at me…just for a moment…just long enough for me to say I love you, and then you close your eyes and return to your peaceful slumber.
I slip out of your room; now I can sleep.

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  1. Kendra said...
    Hello. I'm a scrapbooker, and was looking for some journalling to add to a layout of my son sleeping. I googled "as you lay sleeping," and found your blog from 8/17/2005. I loved your words, and decided to use them on my layout. I did change "baby dolls" to "toy cars." You can see the layout at www.digitalscrapbookplace.com/gallery/showphoto.php?photo=82202&cat=500&ppuser=1384. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your site - they were just the words I needed, but couldn't write myself!

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