Is it Friday yet?

Yesterday I was so busy that I barely left my desk. Today, I'm sitting here surfing the web, reading blogs, looking for something to do. I'm not complaining really, I'm just no good at being non-productive. That's pathetic isn't it? Most people would love not to have anything to do at work except surf the web. I'm a work-aholic, I love being needed, being busy, being productive. I'd rather have something to do...I'm no good at this web surfing thing. Wait...I just realized tonight is the night I have to come back into work to finish this server upgrade....Oh crap...I hate working...I want to be non-productive again.

Is it Friday yet?

Hey have you ever heard of Amos Lee? He's this awesome new artist that opened for Nora Jones. He's not only hot...he can sing. Check him out... Amos Lee !


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