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Peter Jennings died last night at the age of 67, he had lung cancer. Although he was born and raised in Toronto, Canada, he was truly an "All American." He's probably one of the only successful, well-known journalists that was a high-school drop-out. He never went to college, he didn't even make it past the 10th grade, yet he was one of the most successful tv journalists in the world. He saw the world and then each night he shared his visions with the rest of the world.

When I was a kid I used to watch the ABC news with my dad and I loved listening to Peter Jennings speak. He really opened up the world to me. I'd say at an early age I became a news junkie and much of that can be attributed to Mr. Jennings. He made news sound interesting. Most kids don't have any use for the news, which quite honestly makes me sad. I think it's so important to know about the things that go on in your world. I know some adults who never watch the local news let alone the world news. It's kind of amazing to me that a person can go through their life and never pick up a newspaper or watch a news program. If you only know about what goes on in your own little section of the world doesn't that make you...I don't know...Ignorant? Not meaning ignorant as a insult rather as a literal term. Definition: Ignorant - lacking knowledge or comprehension. So if you don't watch the news you have no knowledge of what goes on in the world around you, therefore, you cannot comprehend it, Ignorant. Harsh isn't it? Sometimes when I'm at work I'll try to bring up something I've heard or read in the news. I'll say, "did you hear about this....." Their reply, "nope." Most times they'll get interested by the news tidbit and want to know more. I feel like saying, "hey you should watch the news or read the newspaper if you like this info because there's a whole world out there beyond your front door."

I can hold out the hope that my daughter will grow up with the desire to know more about the world around her. Call me silly but I have this belief that knowing more about the world around you helps you appreciate the world outside your front door...a little more.

Things that made me happy today, I got to take a shower before Alice woke up, I had time to buy coffee before the train came, when I opened my Outlook today I only had 53 emails instead of 100, and by the end of the week Alice will have a new puppy (cocker spaniel) named Vinnie.

So your task for the day...pick up a newspaper and read one article in the world news! You'll be amazed...there actually is life beyond Chicago.

Happy Monday!


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