Doing Nothing

I remember way back...before I was a mom, I had to have plans on weekends. There was no way I'd be caught dead sitting at home on a Saturday night. Sometimes I'd even drag myself out to a bar that I didn't really want to be at, have conversations with people I really didn't want to talk to, just to be 'somewhere' because being somewhere was better than being at home. Wow, have times changed. I've become such a homebody. It's not that I don't still have that occasional urge to hang out a bar and talk to interesting individuals, but now it's really the last thing that crosses my mind. The most surprising thing is that I'm really ok with being boring.

My weekend consisted of shopping at Target, watching Volley mow the yard while my daughter swam in her kiddy pool, and sitting back and relaxing...something I so rarely get the chance to do any more. My weekend was boring, at least to an outsider. To me it was blissful. You have to understand most of my weekends are spent running around from inlaw to parents. If we're not visiting an inlaw so Volley can fix a computer, do taxes, water the plants, we're spending it traveling to see my parents who live 3 hours away. It's amazing how many demands people can put on your free time.

Doing Nothing....is wonderful.

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