It's so sad how stupid you are...

Have you seen those t-shirts...Ugly Bunny? I read an article in the Tribune about how fast they are selling and how there is a controversy about whether or not kids should be wearing them to school. I found it interesting, not the controversy, but the fact that there really was any controversy at all. I figured that most normal, moral driven parents would agree, these t-shirts are just a further example of how money rules the world, while the rest of us suffer the consequences. Really...this whole t-shirt thing is ridiculous. Maybe you have not seen them...here are a few sayings that are plastered on the fronts:

It's so sad how stupid you are.
Maybe you don't get it, it's all about me.
Loser, you not me.
Two boyfriends are better than one.
It worries me how ugly you are.
Psycho, but cute, things evened out.
I know how you feel, I just don't care.

These are just a few. Do you get the picture yet? My only guess is that the people creating these t-shirts have never been a parent because if they had been or were...the first time their kid mouthed the words...really dad it's all about me....get over it...I doubt that kid would be saying much of anything ever again. Come on people, aren't we supposed to be teaching the 'future of America' that it's not ok to be a sassy, sarcastic, selfish, rude idiot? I guess I've been reading all the wrong parenting magazines.

I think I'm going to create my own t-shirt that says, "I'm the bosss of you....get over it." I'm sure my daughter will love it...and of course you have to be 30 years old to buy one (you aren't grown up enough 'til then).


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