It's 12:10 a.m. and guess where I am...work. I'm importing data from an old database server to a new and it's soooooo slow. As I sit here watching the little dots go across the screen hoping the percentage will fly to 100 much faster than it is right now...I decided to blog. I've always had my most creative moments when I'm half asleep so I figured I might as well share them. So, here it goes....

I close my eyes, shutting out the light that blinds me. I can still hear the echoes of a distant call for help, but I cannot see the face that beckons me. My feet cannot carry me fast enough to the far off land I long to reach. When my destination is within my grasp, I know I will not speak the language. An outcast is what I'll be. Shall I retreat? Or quicken my pace? I'm too old to learn new tricks, maybe I can just listen. Do I remember how...to listen? Quietly I'll sit, this time I'll open my eyes. If I cannot speak, how will you know what I am saying? Or will my silence speak volumes? Quick, turn off the lights, someone is coming. She creeps over her moon, exposing nothing, yet everything. The buzzing sound overwhelms this sense of power I thought I possessed, now I must surrender. Life calls, the alarm sounds, wake up sleepy head.

Deep isn't it? Hey...I'm tired what did you expect?


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