not enough time

I feel horrible lately for not being able to visit all my fav blogs. I swear it's not fair that people actually expect me to work and not go blog surfing all day. Honestly though, I'm one of those over achiever types that can't say no when someone asks me for help. It's nice being appreciated, it's nice when people have faith in your skills - but sometimes I need to step back and take a few moments for myself. I'm entitled, I think.

So I apologize to all my blogging buddies...I promise today to stop by and pay a visit. I may have to skip lunch to do it but I'm going through withdrawals here so sacrifice is necessary.

I wanted to leave you with a quote that I found in one of the best places to find meaningful words - the bathroom stall. Yes people still write on bathroom walls...some things never change. The quote seemed fitting given the events of days past.

"No doubt one may quote history to support any cause, as the devil quotes scripture. "


  1. WDKY said...
    Enough with the excuses already.
    Lex-Sunshine said...
    I'm catching up on reading blogs too. Its good to see everybody again, right where you were when I quit reading. : ) What a joy! Thank you for sharing your days!
    Anonymous said...
    If you get a chance to visiti DaGal soon,please do.She is leaving!!
    Christine said...
    have missed your wisdom thru words
    Southern Sweetheart said...
    Great quote. Thanks for sharing.... Don't worry, you haven't missed much over at my place. Think I'm going to try to post something later tonight....If I can get motivated. :)
    NML said...
    Just take care of yourself - that's the most important thing.

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