Musical Monday and Amos Lee

I actually had a date with my husband last week...hard to believe isn't it? One of my favorite artists who remains to be an 'unknown' was playing a free show at a local hangout and I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to see him.

Amos Lee has become the kind of music I listen to when I need to 'feel' things. Did you realize that music has that kind of power? When you feel numb, some music has a way of reaching down inside you to give your heart a good 'flick' to get it to started beating again.

I first discovered Amos one morning when I was playing hookey from work and I switched the tv to the Today show. They were doing a series on Rising Stars and Amos Lee was the feature of the day. He comes from Philly and when you hear this guys voice, every single thing about him shares a glimpse of what the real Philly is like. My favorite song is Keep It Loose, Keep it Tight. There's a line in that song..."Sometimes we forget what we got, who we are - and who we are not." I think all of us can relate to that can't we?

So enjoy the music and as always if you'd like to download it and have a listen for yourself go Here .

Sorry I've been bad at keeping my blog up to date...but hopefully my week will slow down and I'll be off to visit you all tomorrow.

Enjoy the music...and don't forget to 'feel something' while you listen.

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  1. Anonymous said...
    We all remember what happened on your last date with your Hubby....
    Helloooo Patrick! lol
    Great to hear you two went out together...so important :)
    If you have music playing ,once again,
    I am not hearing it . ?
    Just post when ya can my friend..
    hope all is well !
    Thanks for sharing~
    The Melody Censor said...
    Such a great song!
    kimmyk said...
    yeah married date night!
    Southern Sweetheart said...
    I'll be sure to check him out!

    Date night huh? Whoo hooo!! Hope you guys had a great time.
    Anonymous said...
    I wanted to say hello, from over the rainbow. It has been a while since we connected and contributed in unison on similar paths. I hope you are well. Date night is good, feeling is good. Music brings us so much.
    WDKY said...
    I'm glad you're playing at last, darling. Although i have to say that I have one or two problems working out what track i should be listening to when I follow your links. Oh well...

    And who would have thought you'd start dating after you got married, eh?
    Caterpillar said...
    This really is a feeling song - it's so pretty and his words, well they make me feel and think and I'm taken away for a moment to that rainbow.

    I had never heard of Amos Lee, but I do play his album now and then since I downloaded it from you! You've introduced me to so many wonderful and amazing songs! And I love that!!! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Cool, now I dont have to buy Amos Lee's CD.
    I guess being a fan doesnt include supporting the artist.
    WHat is up with "fans" who help promote the illegal downloading of the music.
    Its really amazing to me. How do you think Amos makes a living? Think about what you are doing.

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