believing in something else

This morning I walked out to get in my car and right by my car door was a dead yellow finch. How depressing is that? I wasn't even aware that finches came around our place. Mostly I see those dreadful rats with wings otherwise known as Pigeons. It's funny how my daughter thinks those nasty birds are the prettiest things ever! I suppose when you are young there are many things you deem as 'beautiful' until eventually the rest of the world's view crushes the existence of your own opinion and sooner or later you end up playing along whether you wanted to or not. Sometimes it's hard to remember what you believed before someone else told you it was the wrong thing to believe in. I think we live in a society where people feel down right uncomfortable if everyone else doesn't think exactly the same way they do. It's sad isn't it? We learn at an early age to lose our individuality and become 'like' everyone else. People call you a freak or 'eccentric' if you happen to follow your own rules, believe in your own things -regardless of the majority. I suppose I'm guilty of both, following the crowd and expecting someone else to think like me.

I want not to be one of those in the majority. The real test on how much I believe in individuality will come when my daughter comes home one day with blue hair and her nose pierced. God give me the strength to celebrate her uniqueness instead of fear it.


  1. Anonymous said...
    I am there with my thirteen year old daughter Net.I will neve lose sight of the importance of indaviduality,
    this is what the world needs.I admire my daughters strong will and her uniqueness.As for the peircings,I told her she would have to wait..end of discussion.When your kids know you accept them for who they are,the rules a lot easier to implament..funny how that works.
    I guess they have less to rebel about because they feel respected.
    Your kids are going to rock beautiful Mamma ...you will show them the way.
    Take care.
    Thanks for sharing ~
    CeeCi said...
    I've often wondered some of the same things...not so much about the children part as I have none...but the need to be part of the herd. Most days I'm visited by people who are seeking the way I see the world (I own a business that is part of the crafting industry). Sadly, most of them believe they have no vision, they have no gifts and would rather take what I have to offer than think for themselves. At what age was the confidence and wonder squashed in them? I couldn't imagine my life without wonder or beauty. Like Alice, I think pigeons are beautiful. Like you, I call them rats with wings, especially when one poops on my car!

    I know this has been a long comment, but one more thing and I'll go. Last summer I had a marauding band of finches. They destroyed what the heat of August hadn't in my garden, by pecking little holes in the leaves of everything they could get their pointy little beaks on. I'd sit and watch the little monsters swarm my garden, eat until they were ready to burst, then fly off. My cat brought me two. They were easy pickings. My point...I don't know. I suppose simply put...it is what it is.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi
    Michelle said...
    I will never forget the day my younger brother brought home this little tiny creature he found on the road. He was so excited that he had saved this little bunny(so he thought) from being crushed by a car and wanted to raise it to later release out into the wild again. My mother and I did not have the heart to tell him that is was a rat. Later when we went to bed, the rat mysteriously disappeared from the box home my brother had made for it, only to be told in the morning that is had excaped. I am not sure if we ever did tell him it was a rat.
    When we are younger we are so impressionable, it is not until we have grown and learned that we start to form our own opinions. What is beautiful in one persons eyes is not always in anothers and that is ok.
    check said...
    im not going to say anything about the post because as always it was a pleasure to read... im jus going to say thanks, for giving me such wonderful things to read and think about... and reminding me now and again about the values that i should hold onto... thank u very much and take care
    k o w said...
    With my return to school this week I really feel out of the ordinary. I honestly haven't liked it much. BUt then today I said "fuck it" it's ok to be the oldest one in some classes. It's ok to be different.
    Caterpillar said...
    I think about this from time to time. About how we all desire to be so much like everyone else because those who are different are often so looked down upon. It's such a hard thing - because like you said, not only am I guilty of following, I'm also guilty of sometimes judging those who don't follow. Even though a part of me respects them and wants to be like them.

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