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I know it's Half Nekkid Thursday but today I don't feel like revealing much. Waking up to the news that yet another terrorist plot has been averted in London kind of makes me want to be anything but naked. As I sat and watched the news in surprise tainted with bits of horror, I thought to myself, why does this news shock me? This world we live in has been changing ever since someone flew two planes into the World Trade Center. It shocked us then right? And for awhile we went on with our lives as if it never happened. Sure we claimed that we'd all change, we'd be nicer to one another, but our good intentions were short lived and sooner than later we were all back to being the same. We blame our problems on politicians, on oil prices, on an economy - but the blame really belongs to us. We may think we're different, we don't fight wars based on religion or ethnic background, do we? But how many times have you walked out your door and passed someone on the street or stood next to them on the train and never noticed what they looked like? How many times have you cursed at the person in the car that pulled out in front of you and you let it ruin at least half of your day? How many times have you listened to an ignorant comment that was either directed at you - or wasn't, and you let it affect who you were even if it was only for a moment? I'm guilty.

There are many times that I lie awake at night wondering what kind of world my own children will grow up in? How will I teach them to be kind and compassionate when there is so much hate surrounding them? I can prevent them from watching the news but I cannot keep them from living in a world where hate inspires so much action. How do we change? How do we make our world safe? How do we stop placing blame and take responsibility? It's up to us you know? This world is ours.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Net,being a parent intensifies these thoughts I believe.WE are trying to raise little peaceful humans in a world that seems to be getting less and less peaceful all the time...but this is exactly why we teach our kids the true meaning of peace and peace with in them.If we cannot find that in ourselves,how do we cope..I want my kids to always find something inside them to feed their hopes.
    I understand where you are coming from here today Net.Peace to you xo
    keda said...
    sadly it didn't shock me at all. when we have been engaged in immoral illegal wars supposidly against terror, but never real;ly adressing any of the issues which create it in the first place how can we expect any different. in our own cities violence and crime is more prevalent amongst the poor and disposessed. it is the same on a global scale. and with israel now attacking innocent many more will be let down by the west and probably turn to those exact same terrorist organisations we are trying to stop.
    you are right that we all have to take responsibility and practice compassion everyday in our own lives. but we must also stop our 'leaders' from doing the exact opposite. until we change from the bottom to the top and stop these wars and tackle the problems of real people in the middle east we will be under constant threat.
    its a bad day. i'm so sorry baby. but as money and power seam to be foremost in many peoples mind it is hard to be hopeful. as a mother it breaks my heart too. but makes me determined to voice my discontent with the violence and show my love for the children everywhere.
    peace sweetie. dream and sing loud.
    e.e. said...
    I firmly believe Americans need to wake up and see the world as thier neighbors and remember to do things every day that makes a difference collectively.
    It is true, so many of us forget there is a huge world out there. How many of us ignore the simple requests for recycling? For saving water, and energy? If it doesn't directly affect us, we don't care.
    And we all SHOULD care.
    Teach your children not to be afraid, but to embrace peace inside and outside of themselves, as well as inside the US and outside the US.
    It does make a difference.
    I think instead of HNT we should def. have a prayer day.
    Even if you don't believe, pray anyway that the violence will stop.
    Maybe the positive prayers will help us all.
    Networkchic said...
    e.e. Amen. I'm going to starty praying right now.
    Anonymous said...
    I used to have a Ghandi qoute on the fridge that read..

    "Be the change you want
    to see in the world" ...

    maybe I should put it back up for the kids to memorize.
    kimmyk said...
    I always said if i knew what the world would be like now I never would have brought children into it. It's a sad place we live in. I agree, if we all did our part...but I'll admit...there are days when I don't want to smile anymore and everyday people get on my last damn nerve. I try I do. I ask for help and guidance...*sigh*

    I'll ask again and start fresh tomorrow. Thanks for keeping us in check NWC.
    Rex said...
    I'm with Tab....love that quote....have it taped to my mirror.
    WDKY said...
    The world's gone bloody mad. And you know the worst thing - we're getting uswed to it over here... aneasthetised to this kind of thing happening.

    It's terrifying to think that, isn't it?
    NML said...
    I was scared sh*tless when I woke up on Thurs and turned on the BBC. The boyf was away and had to fly back on Fri so I was worried too about whether he woild be delayed but fortunately he was alright. It is a very scray world we live in.

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