a reminder

Yesterday I was going to post about the things I'm grateful for following CeeCi's suggestion of Grateful Tuesdays. Instead I wrote about my daughter and I suppose when I look back at that post it was about something I'm eternally grateful for - her. But then something happened, something that made me stop and realize I better get that list in order because it's not only important, it's necessary.

I usually leave work about 4 every night and I take the Blue Line El train home. Yesterday I was asked to stay late, until 5, to attend a meeting where they needed my input. Of course I agreed but I told them I'd have to clear it with my nanny first to see if she could stay late with Alice. When I called the nanny she told me she had a doctor's appt. and could not stay late so I had to tell my superiors that I had to decline the meeting and asked that they reschedule. I ended up on my normal train and I didn't realize how fate played a part in my commute home until I turned on the news last night and saw that there had been a train derailment and fire on the Blue Line at 5:09 two stops after my entrance stop. I would have been on that train because the train comes at 5:05 and takes exactly four minutes to get to the stop where the fire occurred. Over 100 people were treated for smoke inhalation, 2 are in critical condition. It's not that I think I might have died, chances are I wouldn't have, but smoke inhalation when you are pregnant is almost always fatal to a fetus or has a high risk of causing birth defects. I sat there watching the news and I told my husband that I was supposed to be on that train. Tears welled up in my eyes as I thought of what might have happened to my sweet baby to be.

I know that a lot of bad things happen in this lifetime and most times there are no answers as to why. But sometimes we're spared from the pain and the question of why seems much less important. Today I'm going to make an effort to stop asking why. I need to remember the good and the bad and accept it for what it is so that each of my tomorrows can be spent remembering the things I'm grateful for.


  1. Michelle said...
    Great post. We do take the good things for granted and never ask why they happen to us but as soon as somehting bad happens, we question it. It may not be that we are not greatful for the good things, but we hurt so much and wonder what we did to deserve the bad things.
    CeeCi said...
    Thank you to the Universe for stepping in and keeping you from being caught in that place. Thank you to the Universe for helping you see that you have the choice on how you live your days. One line stated everything..."it is what it is."

    Thank you for writing about this and how closely connected these events were to you and your family.

    Hug everyone you love today, and tell them how much they mean to you.

    sirreene said...
    There are no coincidences. Things happen in our lives for a reason. Some of these things make us smile to ourselves, think of gratitude and wonder.
    Anonymous said...
    WOW!That gave me goosebumps Net.
    I am grateful you and baby are safe.
    Sometimes it takes those kinds of things to refocus on our gifts and all we have to be grateful for in life.Thanks for sharing ~
    Caterpillar said...
    Oh my gosh, that gave me such chills. I never knew you took the blue line so I didn't even think about you maybe being on it. Oh, I don't know what else to say, I'm just so glad that you weren't on that train and that your little baby in your belly is safe. It's a little reminder to me that we just never know.
    keda said...
    hooooo. so glad you are ok. what a huge relief.

    i loved the post below too sweetie.
    you are doing such a wonderful job. and i love reading you.
    Tony said...
    phew! I got gooseflesh just reading this post. Thank goodness you're safe. Your Guardian Angel is doing a good job.
    WDKY said...
    Wow - that's some spooky shit. I don't believe in fate until I read or hear about things like that, and then I become an immdeiate convert for a while.

    Glad BOTH of you are okay x
    NML said...
    Gosh that made my hairs stand up. Thankfully you are safe and fate did intervene. Take care x

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