For my mama

Beyond what is and what was there is what will be. There are rainbows after every thunderstorm and pots of gold waiting to be discovered. Birds sing their lovely melody as we listen in hopes of hearing words of wisdom. We open our ears and our hearts to be filled with something more than we possess in the here and now. I believe these things because of you. Although my vision often blurs and I have to blink a few thousand times to gain focus, it always comes when I hear your voice. The sacrifices you made so that my own debt would be less has given me strength that can never truly be measured.

Today is your birthday and I celebrate your life as you have so often celebrated mine. I love you mama....Happy Birthday.


  1. Christine said...
    we celebrate her life--who gave you yours
    Anonymous said...
    ((Happy Birthday Network Chic's Mom))
    Thanks for giving the world such a
    beautiful good human(and blogger) !!
    Caterpillar said...
    That brings so many tears to my eyes and a big blob in my throat, it's so beautiful. You mother will love reading that. I hope she has a lovely birthday filled with peace and love!

    Have a wonderful weekend, NWC! And stay cool in the heat we'll be getting!!!
    kimmyk said...
    Happy Birthday to your momma!

    -Now I gotta ask.....didja give this to her?
    Networkchic said...
    You know what Kimmy I did give it to her and she gave me the best compliment...she told me I'd inherited the very best part of my father..he was a write too.
    bornfool said...
    Two beautiful posts about a beautiful woman, written by another. Happy Birthday Networkchic's mom!
    WDKY said...
    That was beautiful. If you didn't send her a copy, give me her address so I can!

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