So here I sit...two less wisdom teeth than a couple of days ago and I still feel a little wise. I'm not a wimp but let me just tell you that if you ever have to have your wisdom teeth pulled and you can't get anything except local anesthetic, run ten miles in the other direction. And when anyone tries to convince you that you can handle the pain...since you've been through child birth, laugh in their faces. I hate when anyone compares pain to childbirth. One big difference, when you are in labor you know you are getting something good after the pain subsides. When you get your teeth pulled, you get two less teeth and that's about it. No comparison.

I'll admit I was feeling a little sorry for myself after the procedure. My mouth hurt and I wanted someone to take care of me but there is no explaining to a 2 year old that mommy needs to sit and rest. I told Alice I had a boo boo in my mouth so she politely kissed it better (on the outside of course) and then told me to get up and play with her. As I sat there playing with Princess Barbie I have to admit that I forgot about the pain for awhile. As Princess Barbie danced around singing her lovely princess song, somehow my weariness became the last of my worries. We rarely do that, keep on dancing to the music even when we'd rather be hiding under the safety of our duvet. And while we're stuck under the covers, life goes on with or without us. It still amazes me every single day that I can learn something new from my toddler. I'm convinced we're born with common sense and it's the growing up that makes it dissipate. We get caught up in our pain so much so that we close ourselves off from the world, we numb the pain with whatever anesthetic we can find, and we do anything but cope.

I hope that Alice can keep teaching me the lessons I need to learn and I hope with all that's in me...that life never goes on without me.


  1. Michelle said...
    Glad to see that you are up and about and still very wise.
    Children are such a learning experience, I can see that you are ejoying yours.
    CeeCi said...
    Every wisdom tooth extraction I've had has a horrible story associated with it...I won't gross you out with any of them, Promise.

    Such a true statement, we do seem to be born with great wisdom only to have it leak away as we get older. Beautiful that Alice could sweetly help you remember that.

    Pain is an interesting phenomenon. I'm learning so much about it from MoJo as he lives with intractable pain. Yet, as you discovered with Alice yesterday, he tells me that when we're together being quiet or intimate, his pain seems to fade away. I love it when that happens for him.

    **Big Hugs**
    Caterpillar said...
    I'm so glad it all went okay, and that being with your adorable little Alice helps take your mind off the pain! Dancing with Princess Barbie sounds like fun, I use to (and still kinda do!) love Barbies!!!
    kimmyk said...
    I needed to have one tooth cut out and I'm tellin ya-I went to two dentists til I finally decided to see an Oral Surgeon. I don't know..maybe it was the word "surgeon" that made me feel better. I have two more to get cut out now...One is broke and my ass is still dancing around the idea. Like maybe it will fix itself or something I don't know. Nothing compares to shoving a kid out your hooie...I hate when people compare that to whatever. Ugh. No comparison.
    Da Gal said...
    So glad to see that you are recovering from the wisdom tooth extraction. Hopefully Alice has somewhere she can go play for a while so you can get some rest.

    When you are up and about again - stop by my place. I started a lil story and Tab has asked you to write chapter 3. You'll have to read today's post (7/26) and the comment section to follow.

    Take gentle care NWC
    Recovering Wino said...
    My son would have tried to stick a bandaid in my mouth! Glad you are feeling OK.
    NML said...
    Ouch.. I hate anything to do with the dentist!

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