I want you all to know how much comfort reading your comments brings to me. For so many years I considered myself an enigma. When I began blogging I never realized just how much I had to say and how many people would actually listen. Although I wish none of the pain I've endured on another human being, I must admit that knowing there are so many others who have been through similar things helps me heal. It's sad really, the realization that pain exists no matter what walk of life you come from but it also brings hope because those same wounded souls have found the strength they need to make life better. If we put all of our scars end to end we'd probably be able to cover much more than half the world wouldn't we? Maybe what we really need to do is use that distance that our scars cover, as a bridge to get to some place better.

Every day I wake up there will be scars reminding me where I've been before this moment but when I open my window and look out at the tiny bridges we've built to get to each other - I'll know that scars can fade into something more pleasing to the eye, something you are not afraid to look at.


  1. Anonymous said...
    What a great post.
    Blogging has been theraputic
    for me too...humans need sharing
    between compassionate and non-judgemental humans..it does inspire hope and change.I thank YOU for sharing Net.Big hugs...did I just feel Patrick kick?!hehehehehe
    WDKY said...
    Well, I've always worked on the principle that women like guys with scars. if I'm wrong then I have a serious problem :-)
    kimmyk said...
    I love coming here because it makes me feel not so alone with the events of my own life.

    Kindred spirts sort of ya know.
    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    Someone once asked me how many scars I have on my body and I asked them "Do I count the ones on my soul?".
    Lovely post.
    I see you,
    keda said...
    beautiful darling.

    and so true..

    i'm listenig to your song here. its the first time its worked for me. and it's lovely.
    i also thought i'd commented on your last post yesterday but maybe something went wrong. sorry.
    i have similar stuff with my dad. no point in me talking to him anymore. so i just accept what he is and do my best around that. it;s seems to be enough for now.

    kisses and hugs dear one.
    Gwen said...
    Thank you too. We all seem to feel the connection. I understand about being heard. I hear~ya sista friend ;)

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