There's love in the sky

Once upon a time I lived in a place where stars lit the night sky. I'd lay with my dad on a blanket out in the middle of our pasteur and search for constellations. I remember thinking that I could stare at those stars forever. And then I grew up and I gazed at the night sky less often. Stars were still beautiful but I appreciated them less because I took it for granted that I'd always be able to see them if I just looked 'up'.

Eight years ago I moved to a city where the night sky is filled with smog, reflections of bright lights, and airplane beacons. Sometimes we don't even realize what we're giving up to be somewhere else. Every once in a while either because of a black out, less pollution, or a slow air traffic control night - I can remind myself how beautiful stars can be. It's not as easy to spot the stars but if I look really hard, I can spy one far off in the distance. I never thought I'd miss them but that's usually what happens when we take something for granted and then suddenly - what was once assumed, now becomes what's wished for.

My daughter and I were out on our patio the other night looking up at the sky. It's so different than when I was a kid, star gazing with my dad. I always had hundreds of stars to wish upon and now if we find just one, we're actually pretty lucky. So there we were gazing up at the night sky and for whatever reason, the stars seemed more plentiful or brighter or maybe it was that we looked around the obstacles - but we saw them in all their glory. I taught Alice how to wish upon a star and as she sat on my lap chanting "Starlight, Starbright, I wish I may, I wish I might..." life seemed so uncomplicated. She closed her eyes and made her wish and I hugged her tight hoping that some of her innocence would rub off on me; I remember when I believed that wishes on stars actually came true. We sat there for awhile longer staring up at the stars I've promised never to take for granted again, and Alice points her chubby little finger towards the sky and says, "Look mommy, there's love in the sky." "Where," I asked? "Right there," she said stretching her arm even higher as if she could almost reach out and touch those stars. Even at the tender age of two I still have no doubt that she knows exactly what love is and that somewhere up there...she did see love. And you know what? As I sat there watching her believe in something, I didn't even have to strain my own eyes to see what she saw.

There's love in the sky. The same stars I see are the ones you gaze upon which makes the distance between us, less important. We are different people, we have different experiences, but in those moments we notice those tiny spots of wonder - we are the same.

This is a somber day which marks 5 years from the tragedy of 9/11 but maybe for one day, one night, we can search out those stars that have no boundaries, no dividing lines, no ownership. Maybe we can gaze up at the sky and see the love that Alice sees shining as brightly as her heart. Let that love carry you through. God Bless.

P.S. As a tribute to Musical Monday I've changed the music playing on my blog to one of my favorite artists Alice Peacock. The song is I'll Start With Me and it seemed fitting for today...have a listen.

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  1. Rex said...
    Great post.....I have glow in the dark stars on the ceiling in my bedroom so I can see the constellations every night...and wish upon a star.
    Just Some Gal said...
    She's such a vibrant child NWC... She really does know what love is and I'm so happy for that.
    Wonderful post
    Anonymous said...
    I love the hope that is carried through your words today Net.
    Thank you ~
    CeeCi said...
    Beautiful. I'll remember this tonight as I look at the stars.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi
    keda said...
    what a beautiful post sweetie.
    and song.. i had to listen 3 times !
    luckily despite being in the city we still see a lot af stars and every summer we see meteor showers down south.
    thank you for a lovely read today though. it was full of hope.
    Southern Sweetheart said...
    You always know exactly what to say to make the point perfectly clear. Beautiful post my friend, as always.
    wdky said...
    Lovely post, sweetheart. Thanks for playing too x
    Caterpillar said...
    I love the hope and beauty and peaceful feeling of this post!! And I really love when I feel at one with all other humans, both living now and already passed on. We all had the same stars to look at and wish upon - such a wonderful thought!!! :)
    kimmyk said...
    Today I didn't want to read other people's blogs. I didn't want to rehash the events of what today is. But I knew of all the people I read that it was you that was going to make me feel something other than saddness for today. And I was right. For that I thank you.

    God Bless you and your sweet precious baby girl, Alice.

    Gwen said...
    Thank you for touching me today.
    That was beautiful and makes me want to tell everyone to read it because it is a very strong and loving post.
    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    I still wish upon stars!
    I see you,
    lash505 said...
    It made think of the book Good Night Moon.

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