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A little bit of humor for today...I'm standing on the El Platform waiting for the train and I notice this guy in a tight black shirt. His man boobs were easily detected and as grossed out as I was, I couldn't look away. I guess I was curious as to whether or not he knew he had man boobs and didn't care that the whole world now knew too, or that he really was oblivious. I'm not really making fun of him, maybe he can't help the extra little 'somethin somethin' he carries up top there. But, couldn't he be like a woman an cover it up with a loose shirt, a jacket, or at least not wear a skin tight shirt?

It got me thinking about what people think looks good, and what we know - doesn't. I could name a few....but then you'd think me bad and shallow and...well something less desirable than I really am. So I'll pose the question to you. What sort of fashion faux pas really make you do a double-take and shake your head in wonder?


  1. Michelle said...
    Socks with sandals, that absolutely drives me crazy. I would look at a guy in a tight shirt with man boobs any day over socks with sandals.
    e.e. said...
    lol.... thanks for making me smile. I needed it!
    I find as I get older, I look at younger girls and I think, HOW can they THINK that is acceptable to wear??? The latest craze with bellies hanging out is one example.
    And maybe I am an OLD conservative wench, but when I see joggers running with the least possible amount of clothing, I am perturbed. Women running in jog bras. Men running shirtless.
    What, a tank top is too hot for you? Please.
    And DON'T get me started on mullets...
    Networkchic said...
    Oh em I totally agree...since when did fat hanging over your pants become sexy. Now days you see these young girls with less than desirable bellies and shirts so short that everyone can see it. Now it's good that they have enough self esteem to let it 'all hang out' but at what point does self estemm become more imporatant than decency. Yuk!
    Anonymous said...
    Gynecomastia can be a real physical disorder that some men face. Such staring or finding "humor" in it can add to their shame.
    This Web site has more info:

    That man's choice of dress may have been his way of accepting himself for what he is. "Man boobs" can be caused by genetic disorders or aging, in addition to being caused by being overweight. I've seen your pictures, and YOU might want to think twice before judging people on their size. And you should also get educated before you make fun of people for something they might have no control over. (Especially since you say frequently how non-judgmental you are.) Do unto others!
    Anonymous said...
    what e.e. said!
    also...when I see men with boobs bigger than mine :(
    CeeCi said...
    Something that makes me go...ewwsh...are nasty feet in sandals. You know the kind, cracked heels, thich toenails with old chipping polish, dry, crusty skin...yuck. Looking at feet like that sends out quite the message to me, it tells me that the person with those disgusting feet ought to take better care of themselves.

    Perhaps, the folks that wear sock with sandals are sparing the world from something.

    **Big Hugs**
    ♥ CeeCi

    ~I think I'll go polish my toenails~
    Networkchic said...
    Well 'Anon' if you read my post again I wasn't making fun of his condition rather his choice of dress. And you say you've seen my pictures...what...the ones with my preggy belly? Yeah ya know it's a common thing for a belly to bulge when there's a baby inside.

    For your info I'm not judgemental and before you come commenting on my blog with little or no knowledge of who I am I suggest you grow some balls yourself and post your real name. Asswipe.

    'Nuff Said. Sorry folks....blame it on the preggy hormones
    Southern Sweetheart said...
    I think I love you chic! ;) hahahaa!!!!! i can't stand the "muffin top" over the pants either. Drives me crazy. Let's see, what else, high water pants, anything that is toooooo little for someone, and horizontal stripes on larger people. OH OH OH and dark colored hose with light colored shoes!

    I could go on but this is your blog and I'll hush! haha :)

    and you go with your bad preggo self! :)
    Fitèna said...
    lol! Love this! Whats irks me? Many many things! lol! I can't stand it when people wear clothes that don't match in any way! Like a santin flowered blouse and a gaudy cotton skirt! yikes! I hate it when people wear their pants or skirts high up their middles! This just bugs me!!!!
    Wait a minute, whats that with Anon huh? Wow! Some people are really susceptible!

    Gwen said...
    I think I have seen it all. I don't think anything shocks me anymore. Bad haircuts bother me. I mean when I see "All business in the front and all party in the back" I can't help but wonder? That mullet was not even in when it was in. I also recently saw a kid with a tail. Again, bad. That poor kid. Bad color! Eeeek ~ fried dyed blondes ~ bad. OK that is all the shallow I am willing to dish out today. I still have that chick in me to retrieve for occasions such as this ;)
    Anonymous said...
    I did not post the prior anonymous comment, but I have to agree with that person. You say that you are not judgemental, but all you have to do is read what you write and it is clear that you are self absorbed and judgemental.

    Furthermore, I have personally seen photos you have posted on your HNT well before you were pregnant. While you didn't take a photo of yourself completely, from what was shown it was clear that if you were a man that more than likely you would have "man-boobs" as well. But you would never post a photo of yourself, only of your innocent daughter who has no say in the matter.
    ~TVS said...
    1. Just because you can squeeze into it, doesn't mean it is your size.

    2. Just because they make it in your size doesn't mean you should wear it.
    Christine said...
    how funny, yesterday I saw a man in a dept store and I could not take my eyes off him--I was fascinated by his phisique and wondered why he was dressed that way---
    a wonder, not a judgement, just a wonder--then as I watched him I realized he must have several challenges and thought, there but for the grace of God...
    Caterpillar said...
    I'm reading all this late - but I think you're absolutely and completely beautiful both inside and outside. And all your HNT pictures have shown a beautiful, wonderful and unique woman! And I love seeing pictures of your pregnant belly and of your sweetest and cutest Alice!!! :)
    littlebigboy said...
    i have man boobs, butim not goingto talk about them, i am going to talk about what e.e. hadsaid sboutthe teenage girls and their bellies, since im still in H.S. i asked my best friends sisterwho is chubby, and flat chested, why she wore shirts likethat and she graded my boob and jiggled it, she said why are yourboobs bigger than mine, and how comeyou dont wear a bra. i then told her hey would i have my boobs hangin from a tangtop and let them flop aroundand shit so she left me alone and changed her shirt

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