parts of me

You are lying there beside me and as I watch the gentle rise and fall of your chest, I feel only peace. The curve of your tiny nose, the dimple in your chin are all parts of me yet they belong to you. The way your eyelashes curl at the ends as they touch your cheek must be the most beautiful thing I could ever lay eyes upon. Although I've known you for over two years, there are still parts of you that seem new to me on a daily basis. So many times I am amazed that I had a role in creating you. I never believed I had the power to create something, someone, so utterly perfect. Before you, there were only brief moments where I had enough faith in myself to believe in anything worthwhile. And now you are the most worthwhile being I've ever dared to give myself to. I've faltered so many times before without regret, without conscience, and the moment you were born my conscience became the guiding light that I knew I had to follow. Every single day that I am allowed to know you, I become a better person.

Someday I'll tell you these things or maybe you will already know - but I'll tell you again anyway.


  1. Caterpillar said...
    :) This is so beautiful!!!
    Mellissa said...

    Wonderful post. Vividly written. I could almost see her sleeping there beside you!

    NML said...
    That was beautifully written. I too could almost see her.
    kimmyk said...
    You're such a good momma!

    Have a great weekend NWC.
    Steve said...
    Impossibility is spelled "J-O-U-I-S-S-A-N-C-E"

    That is not a bad thing...

    Just something to be mindful of

    while we enjoy something to it's absolute fullest.

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