an Angel on Papa's Shoulder

Do you believe in angels? I think I do even though I've never actually seen one. There have been times in my life that something or someone has saved me, sometimes from myself and sometimes from other people. I suppose some would say it was just luck but honestly I believe in angels much more than I believe in being lucky. Luck is chance and when you come through the fire with nothing more than a few soot marks, you start to believe that some higher power is looking out for you.

I was worried about Thanksgiving with my step dad because he's gotten so much worse with the Alzheimers and my mom said he doesn't remember most people except the ones he sees on a daily basis. As much as I'd love to take Alice to see him every day, we live 3 hours away so that's impossible. I wasn't sure how I would explain to my 2 1/2 year old that her papa might not remember her but when Papa walked in and saw Alice, his face lit up. She ran to him and he hugged her so tightly that her cheeks turned red. He stroked her hair and asked how his sweet Alice had been. I can't begin to explain the relief I felt in that moment when somehow Papa remembered her. Most of the day I watched Alice and Papa play with Barbie's or watch Baby Einstein and I kept thinking that this may be the last time she's able to do this with the man she's loved since the moment she saw him. I remember the first time he held her she had her eyes open so wide and she kept trying to grab at his white hair. From that moment, her love has only grown. After they played for what seemed like hours Papa fell asleep with Alice on his lap so I told Alice that Papa needed a rest. She quickly obeyed as she hopped down off his lap and tiptoed over to me so she wouldn't wake him. "Look mama there's an angel," she exclaimed. "Where sweetie," I asked. "Right there, on Papa's shoulder," she answered as she pointed her chubby little finger towards a sleeping papa. The smile on her face confirmed that my sweet Alice could see angels.

There has not been one moment of doubt in my mind that Alice did in fact see an angel sitting on her Papa's shoulder. I believe we all have guardian angels but because we're grown up, less innocent and more cynical, we cannot see them. My hope for Alice - that she always be able to see the angels on our shoulders and maybe some day she'll even be able to talk to one.


  1. Shannon said...
    I believe Happy Tuesday NWC... I so love your posts. :)
    kimmyk said...
    When my nephew died [he was 4] and my neice came to stay with me while my sister was in the hospital [she was 1 at the time] I'd sit up at night and rock her to sleep. She'd always pop her head up and play these peek a boo games around the chair and point and laugh. I believe she was playing with her brother. Many times she'd point at something and throw her head down on my chest and be all bashful. She's 16 now and she tells me stories every now and then about my nephew. Things she shouldn't or wouldn't know, but does. How do I explain that? Easy. She has seen her brother and he truly was an angel on this earth. I imagine in another world he is the same.

    Children are pure-they see what we refuse to slow down and acknowledge I believe. It sad we lose that with each birthday we have.
    Southern Sweetheart said...
    I definitely believe in Angels and your story of Alice seeing one is not the first I've heard like this. What an awesome thing to experience!!! Thank you for sharing this -- I always love coming here.
    Anonymous said...
    Wow....this is the first time I have been here in several months (forgot where you are) and what a post I ran into!!!!
    Brought tears to my eyes.
    I believe.
    And you have one very smart and very spiritual little girl on your hands.
    AAwoken said...
    Hey you got no RSS feed on here. What's up?
    Anonymous said...
    Alice makes me think maybe she is an Angel here on earth Net,,,
    Thanks for sharing another beautifully written post my friend.
    keda said...
    absolutely gorgeous :)
    NMAMFQLMSH said...
    I do believe in Angels! Honestly!
    Have you ever watched Ghost Whisperer?
    TJ said...
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    TJ said...
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    TJ said...
    This was a beautiful post.
    Anonymous said...
    Okay..its Decemeber,where is the little Patty Cakes? lol
    lash505 said...
    Yes I do. With out angels I have darkness..
    Gwen said...
    I believe in angels with God being the largest angel of them all. Alice is soooo sweet.

    Hve a wonderful week~

    Caterpillar said...
    Oh NWC, this was the most incredible post, it sent chills all through me and made me want to cry - for our cynicsm, for the beauty of children who still really believe. I have absolutely no doubt either that there was an angel on his shoulder and that Alice is full of belief and innocence enough to see it.

    What a perfect story for this season!

    I hope you're doing well! I'm thinking of little Patrick and wondering if he's come yet or when he'll be coming!!! Just in time for Christmas!!!

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