Somewhere under the Negative...

I got in trouble yesterday at work. I'm not the type to deny making mistakes but this time I was the scapegoat for someone else screwing up. Apparently someone more important than me so you know how it goes...Shiest always rolls down hill right? So anyway while I'm in my bosses' office and he's telling me what I did wrong he also tells me what a fabulous job I've done the past year. As he's telling me that he has to write me up I ask him if he's also going to write me up for the compliment he just gave me and put that in my file too. I'm cursed with the smart arse jean! But really, why is it that you can do a stellar job and no one ever comes to you and pats you on the back but you screw up one time in 4 years and they are on you like a fly on...well you know! As a parent I make it a point of telling my kids how well they do at lots of things because I don't ever want them to think that I only notice the bad stuff but in reality the world just doesn't work that way. We remember the bad things people say about us, not the compliments. Why is that? Don't people realize that the more you focus on the negative, the more negative a situation becomes? I guess that accentuating the positive just isn't the way we work is it?

Well I don't want to be that way so right now I'm making a point to focus on the positive...even though it's raining cats and dogs outside and I'm really pissed off at my boss...here it goes:

It's raining...but at least the salt and grime got washed off my car this morning on my way to work.

I'm tired, but at least it's Tuesday and not Monday which means I only have 3 more days to go until it's the weekend.

I got in trouble at work, but at least my boss thinks I do a great job otherwise.

That person that played CYA by blaming their mistake on me...well they'll probably lay in bed tonight with guilt plaguing their shallow soul. (oops that didn't sound so positive).

Ok that's enough because honestly at the moment I'm not feeling all that positive. I get points for trying though right?

Happy Tuesday.

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  1. kimmyk said...
    good job on finding the positive.

    that person who used you as the scape goat? well, may a thousand fleas invade their crotchital region.

    take that you lying sonsabitches.

    i love that your blogging daily...i'm serious!

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