Coming back....

It has been so long since I've been in this place but I'm so lost from searching where I belong or what meaning my life has that it seemed logical to start in the place where I felt it all made sense.

I've tried to begin so many times now that it seems I'm already nearing the end and I have not even figured out what goes in the middle. I lost my job last December, a job that I put so many blood sweat and tears into that I rarely had any left for myself. I suppose a person could take comfort that so many other people in this economy have ended up the exact same place I have but for some reason I find little warmth in that knowledge. I'm pissed off of course but less about losing my job and more about the way I was treated. Our company went through a reorganization and in with the new came the evil lurking right behind it. People that once were so valued were now worth less than a penny at the bottom of my purse. I guess I was lucky up until that point because hard work always paid off for me and I felt 'appreciated'. Isn't it amazing how you can have so much in your life, a great husband, two wonderful children, but the moment your job stops treating you like a human being you fall off the cliff.

So here I am exactly where I have been for months now, home with my children which pleases me immensely because they have been my salvation. So how then do I feel so lost? So pissed off? Because life costs money and although my husband is still working, thank God, I'm used to being able to purchase things I need without worrying. Today my cat died, he was fifteen. As I sat there next to him listening to him take his last breaths I shouted at God, "What exactly is your plan for me?" I'm so angry, at Him, at myself, at that stupid company that stole the future I had planned out. I used to be able to afford things like an ultra sound for a pet that needed one but now, I cannot. Now I have to weigh which life is more important, my children's or my pet's. Of course I pick my kids but the point is that before I never had to make decisions like that.

So here I am back to this place that gave me solace, a place that provided an outlet to years of pent up anger towards my parents, and a place where somehow I figured it all out and felt whole again. I'm not feeling so whole right now since pieces of me seem to be sputtering down the drain with the rest of my lost plans.

It'll help right? Writing words that total strangers will judge me by? Of course it will because right now being anonymous is exactly how I've felt for the past months.


  1. T - Another Geek Girl said...
    Of course it'll help.
    I left for a year... more than a year actually. And I wrote. Some posts in draft are so long that I wouldn't think to publish them. I just had to let it all out.

    You should as well. It feels so good. Trust me.

    What's the worse the total strangers can do to you? Call you a crackhead?


    There, now that's out of the way.
    Looking forward to reading more.

    Lori said...
    I was thrilled to see your name in my own blog's comments...and have missed you. I think you're incredibly talented.

    And remember...even the penny at the bottom of your purse bears the words: "In God We Trust". I know you're angry...and you have a right to be, but sometimes things that seem a curse turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

    I have some things I'd like to share...but too much to write here. My email is at my blog, if you'd like to drop me a note.

    And yes, writing helps, and it is not our place to judge.

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