When I was a kid my dad would always tell me that those willing to sacrifice will always be the ones first rewarded. I wasn't sure what sacrifice meant way back then and sometimes I'm still not sure.

When I was still working sacrifice must have been the horrible commute I unhappily drove every day to ensure my children had a secure future. Sacrifice must have been the lunches I never took because someone always seem to need something from me right about noon. Sacrifice most definitely were the hours I worked after I put my children to bed sometimes until it was almost time to start the day over again. I look back at these 'sacrifices' and start to wonder who the hell I was doing them for and when exactly are the rewards going to start rolling in? Surely the reward wasn't getting let go from a job that I dedicated so much of my life to just because it was cheaper to hire a consultant to do my job. And the reward isn't the endless amount of time I spend searching job boards, posting resumes, and trying to convince people I'm not as worthless as my prior employer made me feel. And the reward cannot be the fact that I am so damn pissed off that I even have to go back to work because I absolutely love being with my kids and it's just no fair that some women get to have husbands that bring home the bacon and it's enough to fill four plates. Maybe my dad had it wrong, those that sacrifice are not the ones rewarded first, they are the ones left stuck in the burning building because they let everyone else escape first.

Sacrifice should never be done in anticipation of a reward because trust me my friend, you'll be waiting a very long time to cash in. If you want to sacrifice just make sure you are doing it for all the right reasons.


  1. Lori said...
    I remember a man telling me once (when he wanted me to do a job that I didn't want or feel qualified to do) that it would make me indispensable to my employer. I told him, "I'm not indispensable to anyone except my family."

    You are exactly right when you say that we shouldn't make sacrifices in hopes of getting something in return. But if you make the right kinds of sacrifices for the right people, the rewards come in the form of a better place because we have passed through....and we haven't lost or given up ourselves in the process.
    lighterate said...
    Hi, I havewn't been back here for years either. I used to read your blog four years ago.

    Did you marry disappearing boy?

    My first novel is being published next year! Woo-hoo!

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