It seems like forever since I posted but my time seems to be pretty well spoken for these days. I swear my days are spent with my breasts hanging out the majority of the time and the left over moments are used up with diaper changes. Don't get excited...the breasts hanging out are anything but sexy when you've turned into a milk factory. :-) I meant to post on New Years and then on my birthday which was January 2nd, but both days passed so quickly and I chose to use my very few spare moments catching a few Z's.

Anyway I'm here now right? So, another year has begun and I've managed to make it past another birthday. I remember when birthdays were exciting with parties and presents but as you get older birthdays become more about regrets of the things you have not accomplished than they do about a celebration. I've had so many birthdays where the list of regrets spanned too many pages to read. Birthdays where I drank myself into oblivion because oblivion seemed much more pleasant than reality. This time, this birthday was different because the regrets I carry were overshadowed by the accomplishments that lay beside me. I woke up on my birthday with a sweet little girl named Alice with her feet planted firmly against my back and a tiny boy named Patrick who sees me as a much better person than I actually am. My children are my accomplishments because both of them proved that I can be selfless and that in itself makes me feel like the luckiest woman alive.

So I'm old - er now and somewhat wiser thanks to the education my children have bestowed upon me. My new year although uneventful to some, has brought promise and hope into my life and every time I look into the soulful eyes of my sweet babies I'm reminded that a life without hope is not a life at all. I have a life...a very wonderful one.

May your new year be filled with hope, hope that lifts you up when you have fallen, hope that lightens the load you carry upon your shoulders, hope that lets you love your life.

I'll be back soon....I promise. :-)


  1. e.e. said...
    Happy Birthday.
    CeeCi said...
    Happy Birthday and Happy New Year!
    Michelle said...
    Happy belated Birthday!
    One should never lose sight of the importance of birthdays, for no matter how old you are, without a birthday you would not be here. Celebrate life.
    Gwen said...
    That was a beautiful post. One of my closest friends birthday is also Jan 2. The words you wrote are only those a mother could write. Beautiful beautiful beautiful

    Caterpillar said...
    Happy belated birthday, NWC! And I'm so so so happy to hear that Patrick is doing well and that you're feeling content and fulfilled. I love hearing you talk about Alice and now about Patrick as well, I love the hope that it gives me for when I have children someday as well. You've been in my thoughts now and then over the past month and I've been hoping for all the best - oh I just realized, today is Patrick's 1-month birthday! Happy birthday little Patrick!!! :)

    I pray that this year is filled with so much joy and so many wonderful experiences for you, NWC. You'll get to see Patrick grow and learn so much, and see Alice continue to become the wonderful little girl that she already is!

    Big hugs!!!!
    AAwoken said...
    Be well and enjoy all those firsts with you newborn and daughter.
    NML said...
    Happy new year, happy birthday and happy quality time for you with your family. I felt like I got a glimpse into my not so distant future!
    Da Gal said...
    Happy belated birthday beautiful woman. I can see in the post below that your beautiful boy has arrived - what a wonderful cherished gift. It reminds me of a great quote - babies are a nice way to start people. take gentle care and be kind to yourself.


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