It's been a busy week and it sure started off the wrong way. You know when I first heard about the Virginia Tech shooting I sort of...didn't pay attention. I know that sounds horrible but sometimes I just get so caught up in my own stuff like work, kids, husband, that I forget I am not an enigma. But now as I sit here in the dimly lit space I call my living room, my husband is away on a business trip, my babies are fast asleep, and it's just me and my cats Leo and Bobo trying to soak up all the 'quietness'. So now, I spend moments thinking about what happened in Virginia. I think about the husbands, wives, lovers, brothers, sisters, friends - people that no longer exist and the ones that are left behind. Sometimes they say tragedy unites but if that's true why are so many people left torn apart? I can understand how life can make someone feel 'ganged up on', how it can make you feel bloodied and bruised, but I cannot understand how you could be so angry, so hopeless, so lost in despair, that you would drag innocent people right out of this world with you. I suppose part of me doesn't want to understand because if I did, if I could, then I may have to accept that some people really are evil.

So I've said a prayer, for them, for me, for my kids, for my friends, for the people I know, for the ones I don't, for people everywhere - that they may stay unburied, unbruised, unbloodied. Sometimes it's so hard to have hope but somehow we must believe that there is more goodness than evil, more peace than war, more time - to make us all have faith again.


  1. Lori said...
    I do believe there are so many more good people than bad, but unfortunately, the media tends to focus in on all the horrific things. I know it is newsworthy...and we need to know and feel the anger. But constantly bombarding us with the images seems to desensitize many and make the rest of us feel hopeless.

    We have a little boy at school who walks on the edge. He is fascinated with guns and yet, he can be such a sweet little guy. He and I have become pretty close and I feel he's made some great strides. Yet, a tragedy like Virginia and the playing of it over and over does something to his mind...and he comes to school somewhat a mess.

    This is why I never go see the horror movies. Why make up something gruesome when there is enough of it in reality?
    WDKY said...
    It's absolutely terrible, and made me think too. I have to tell you, though, that over here we look aghast at your gun laws. When I see Charlton Heston pontificating on the television I could... well, shoot him.

    Anyway, I suspect we've all said a few prayers for the victims and their families.
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    Lori said...
    I hope you do not mind, but I tagged you as one of my five favorite blogs for a "Thinking Blogger" Award. You don't have to participate, but I wanted you to know. Your blog always makes me think...and makes me wish I knew you in "real time."

    Hope you had a great weekend.

    Trudging said...
    Virgina Tech was a lot to take in all at once. God is in the details there somewhere but, I sure don't see it right now.
    NML said...
    Hi hun. I hope everything is alright with you and just wanted to stop by and check in. Stay cool x

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