People are different. On the outside we all have things that make us unique, dark eyes, small hands, crooked smile. On the inside do we look alike? I believe that although we each have our own indescribable characteristics that each of us is like a river flowing into a commonality that unites us. We stand on the beach, eyes staring out at an ocean filled with so much complexity yet somehow its' simplicity is what keeps us in amazement.

Saturday I watched my daughter float across the floor, hands held in a circle above her head as if it were her very own halo. Her first ballet class, her first taste at what it was really like to be a ballerina. My first reminder that as complex as life may seem, it's made up of simple pleasures. It's simple really, my daughter is my happiness.


  1. kimmyk said...
    Spoken like a true mom.

    They all look so sweet in their leotards. The tippy toe'in, and twirling. Ahhh such sweet memories.

    How's the little man doing? I bet he's getting big. Any milestones yet?
    Networkchic said...
    Ah thanks for asking Kimmy. Well as far as milestones, you know every morning he wakes up smiling seems like quite a milestone to me. God I love my children...and you know what? I know you know exactly how I feel. :-)

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